Friday, September 11, 2009

Needless Character Song Album


Title: Needless Character Song Album - CHARACTERS LOVE MISSION
Artists: Kitamura Eri, Katou Emiri, Endou Aya, Makino Yui, Gotou Saori, Chihara Minori, Fukuhara Kaori & Imai Asami

01. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Eve)
02. New Cinema Kibun Paradise
03. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Disk)
04. Bye Bye Ribbon no Present
05. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Cruz)
06. Deluxe ni Suki Shite
07. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Mio)
08. Junjou Refrain
09. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Setsuna)
10. Suna ni Ochita Namida
11. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Kuchinashi)
12. Natsu, Romance Doori Nite
13. Utaou! NEEDLESS GIRLS+ (Ver.Seto & Solva)
14. Ganbaranai no ga Utsukushii



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Needless yet again lol, the anime which is looks gar outside but majority of the characters are moe enough and obviously the seiyuu is counts as well... contain 7 song tracks paired with characters short intro... well quite decent for most of the song but i actually like Kitamura Eri's New Cinema Kibun Paradise and the duet of Fukuhara Kaori & Imai Asami's Ganbaranai no ga Utsukushii... but, kinda disappointed with Chihara Minori song, not awesome enough for me like Paradise Lost b4...


BlueberryLover said...

Thanks for the upload. Now I got something to listen to while burning the midnight oil to finish my work and crap...

tsubasasyaoranlover said...

I personally like Minorin's character's character song (well, compare to Yui-chan's character's character song)

Anonymous said...

can someone upload it again, please? i will appreciate it


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