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Happy New Year desu~

[warning: back off! she is mine!]

[PC] Shin Koihime Musou: First intuition

Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Ryouran Sangokushi Engi

this time, the story runs with lots of surprising stuff... selecting one of three factions in the beginning surely makes it each of them have their own central event, to make it clearly, by choosing one faction, we cant getz a gurls from another two main factions and for Shoku route, the Yellow Turban Rebels is not a main incident but South barbarian instead...

for me, picking Shoku faction first is a must... and what’s more important, a new battle system which each character hold their own advantage when become a commander also not to forget the assistant who support the army power force... unlike last time, the formation is not the supremacy core anymore to win the battle plus the commander can used 3 different technique for each 5, 10 and 15 turns and the effect is due to the length turn...

Battle flow for Shoku/Shu faction

Yellow Turban Rebel/ Kihabatou faction
-faceless commander
-no Choukaku, Chouhou and Chouryou [damn!]

Toutaku’s army/ Tou faction
-Kayuu dies in Chouhi hand this time
-Chouryou joining Gi faction
-Ryofu and Chinkyuu escape
-Toutaku and Kaku become Kazuto’s meido

Enjutsu’s army/En faction
-Kousonsan joining Shouku
-unlike the last time, Enshou didn’t involve in this battle
-Enjutsu ally with Ryofu and Chinkyuu
-this battle outcome, Roufu and Chinkyuu join the party

Sousou’s army/Gi faction
-just to hold Sousou’s army and escape
-can used Ryofu, Chinkyuu and Chou’un only as a commander

Kouchuu, Gengan & Gien ‘s army
-all 3 of em joined Shoku later after get beaten

Nanban faction [nekomimi ftw!]
-quite familiar with the original history, Moukaku being teased by Shokatsuryou and Houtou’s ploy
-Moukaku joins the group
-Jing Providence created

still have to face Gi and Go faction but i temporary stop play here and start over again on Go faction route...

Character phase scene for Shoku/Shu faction

as the image shown, just a few selections for a single character pick while tagging em is just to created more tempting chronicle like Ryubi and Kan’u choice where triangle love materialize between em for Kazuto... Kan’u respect Ryubi as her superior rank person and Hongou as her master but knowing Ryubi and Hongou close relationship limits her feeling development toward Kazuto while Ryubi know well her sister feeling...

another lovely + loli and funny tag, Shokatsuryou and Houtou especially when they reading perverted books together to discover new ways to please Kazuto and got caught by Chou’un... not forget to mention Bachou and Batai, where Batai personality totally contradict with Bachou... also another highlighting tag, Kouchuu and Gengan, an “Unlimited Immense-Breast Works”...

hell, i didn’t even manage to completed the remaining fall series last episode just because need to focus in this eroge lawl... now i don’t even finished the Shoku faction and already started Go faction just on the way to hunt my other pray, Sonken and Choukaku despite that i still don’t know that she is available in Go route... another report will comes later lawl...

p/s-1: most of the time, only Kazuto got attacked instead be the wolf lawl
p/s-2: another factions will comes later :3


one word only, epic! That all I can say bout this series, it’s character design, animation, battle scene, background music and also how the story flow though it is a bit... no, a huge confusion in episode 1 but still can be accepted while in episode 2 it’s already shown that this one is a prequel of Ga-Rei manga...

the story start with unknown and an original character who fight the sprits with remarkably style but all of em being killed at the end of episode 1 leaves all watcher with a gigantic “WTF!”, no? [lol]... well, it’s more likely to explain the relationship between Kagura and Yomi before the event in manga and how Yomi turn out to be a bad person...

skipping to the last episode, in the last scene where the timeline is 2 years later and they are showing the scene that appeared in the first chapter of Ga-Rei manga, revealing Kensuke received Michele 12th from Kagura and his very first official mission... getting this massive impact, Ga-Rei manga or the sequel of Ga-Rei-Zero into an anime is a MUST!!! plus the conclusion of Yomi’s arc... last call, 10/10, full mark score...


the most mindrape’s anime of this year, indeed... if truth be told almost each episode contain mass of illusory and complex theory though the subject they’re trying to pull in this series is make a delusion into reality and the outcome is, considerable stuff that can makes u’r brain bleed throughout u’r ear and eye and not u’r nose...

starting as a otaku, very pessimistic mindset with delusional complex... Takumi change into a hero at the last 2 episode and beat the all badass infront him though i like the ending where he make up through his delusion to escape from the pain... but the real ending still nice too...

considering all stuff happened, this series worth 9/10...

Akane-iro ni Somarusaka

this is suck, i know that i like em both but do prefer Yuuhi more than Minato... all things happened before is wasted just like that and Minato’s role only being central in the few last episode, despite i’m quite familiar with this kind of ending though...

well in fact that Jun already pick Minato and cant survive without his imouto, Yuuhi still live there to keep them away from cross the borderline plus discussion between Jun and Yuuhi ‘s father shown that Yuuhi still haven’t give up yet... also, the X-files they’re holding to quite suspicious and it might related to Minato-Jun’s relationship either they’re connect with blood or not...

last score can I give, 8/10... many things still missing and unclear including 2 Nagomis at the end scene plus the animation still need more works compare to this era...

Shinwa's Ranking updates

behold the ranking since i involve myself in erroneous route until now... double calculation and wise experience thinking makes me divide it to a various class and the ranking already being updates...

Top 5 Eroge
01. Shin Koihime Musou
02. Maid Promotion Master
03. Koihime Musou
04. Da Capo II
05. Alice Parade

Top 10 Anime
01. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
02. Mai HiME
03. Seto no Hanayome
04. Grenadier: Smiling Tenshi
05. Code Geass series
06. Macross Frontier
07. Utawarerumono
08. Ga-Rei-Zero
09. Rozen Maiden series
10. Kurogane no Linebarrels

Top 10 Manga
01. One Piece
02. To-Love-Ru
03. Hayate no Gotoku
04. Sekirei
05. Omamori Himari
06. Mahou Sensei Negima
07. Eyeshield 21
08. Rozen Maiden
09. Ga-Rei
10. Mai Otome

those who appear in both anime and manga will considered it only one seat in either ranking desu~

Eroge waifu ranking
01. Touka (Shin Koihime Musou)
02. Yukine Homura (Maid Promotion Master)
03. Aoi Mizuno (Maid Promotion Master)
04. Mitsuki Shiina (Akane-iro ni Somarusaka)
05. Nekosan (Alice Parade)
06. Fuanii (Alice Parade)
07. Shuri (Koihime Musou)
08. Sei (Koihime Musou)
09. Renfa (Koihime Musou)

Anime waifu ranking
01. Tsukiumi (Sekirei)
02. Yuuhi Katagiri (Akane-iro Somarusaka)
03. Konjiko no Yami (To-Love-Ru)
04. Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
05. Kyou Fujibayashi (Clannad)
06. Emuemu (Kemeko Deluxe)
07. Nanaka Shirakawa (Da Capo II)
08. Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara!)
09. Ami Kawashima (Toradora)
10. Kaori Kanzaki (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

Manga waifu ranking
01. Himari (Omamori Himari)
02. Kuesu Jinguuji (Omamori Himari)
03. Yui Kotegawa (To-Love-Ru)
04. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To-Love-Ru)
05. Garlet Faye Sowage (Shina Dark)
06. Mayu (Ayu Mayu)
07. Ayane (Ashita no Yoichi!)
08. Hinagiku Katsuragi (Hayate no Gotoku)
09. Evangeline AKA Mc Dowell (Mahou Negima Sensei)
10. Souma Hiruka (Watashi-tachi no Tamura kun)

Finest waifu ranking
01. Tsukiumi
02. Himari
03. Touka
04. Yuuhi Katagiri
05. Kuesu Jinguuji
06. Yukine Homura
07. Konjiko no Yami
08. Yui Kotegawa
09. Aoi Mizuno
10. Haruhi Suzumiya

Manga to Anime

few manga series that i would love to see them being animated to fulfill the awesomeness anime these day...

Omamori Himari

actually i’m not too fond with youkai concept and hardly can accept any of em but this time is different, neko guardians ftw! the awesomeness level may exceed 9999 plus it being produce by production...

Ayu Mayu

seeing Kiss X Sis being animated eventhough it is an OVA, this one need to have it’s own anime too... imouto central concept plus a harem genre, great enough to fill my pleasure [yummy~]... any harem production would be nice for this one...

Metal Heart

yet another harem and not a rare concept for these day, android things as a girlfriend... but how the plot goes is what i’m care about... SHAFT, which is what i’m think about XP


the prequel is an epic and the sequel is a MUST! considering that the plot is getting interesting plus they need to conclude the real Yomi’s arc ending and sesshouseki threat... create by the same production group is a good enough...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shin Koihime Musou: Wallpaper rants

the awesomeness shall prevail!!! complete set wallpaper of the each character from Shin Koihime Musou... no worries, it is obviously safe for work... can download it over [HERE]

Friday, December 26, 2008

SKM moe league! Winners

yeah and yes, the winner has been decided since the match begin... Renfa and Karin run after each other until yesterday, Renfa take quite huge lead by 200 votes and now, she won this match... XD

same case for Touka and Sei but Touka take a lead little earlier to left Sei behind... also, quite shock for me where Ren suppose to be the 5th place and drop to 6th since before this, Nagi, Aashe and Miu got the fewest votes than Ren and their vote is equalize with each other... and the worst thing is, Miu won over Tenhō before is just for nothing, got the last placed instead...

01. Sonken Chūbō (Renfa) 孫権 - 6462 votes
02. Sōsō Mōtoku (Karin) 曹操 - 6187 votes
03. Ryūbi Gentoku (Touka) 劉備 - 2998 votes
04. Chō'un Shiryū (Sei) 趙雲 - 2405 votes
05. Gakushin Bunken (Nagi) 楽進 - 1704 votes
06. Ryofu Hōsen (Ren) 呂布 - 1692 votes
07. Ryomō Shimei (Aashe) 呂蒙 - 1678 votes
08. Enjutsu Kōro (Miu) 袁術 - 1673 votes

additional note, it's game, 'Shin Koihime Musou' has been released [HELYEAH!!!] but unfortunately i miss to start download it a little earlier after the release bcoz my friend invited me to play futsal and went home quite late... damn!

Kemeko DX

another one fall series down... Kemeko Deluxe, what an uprising series where i regret with my unconscious and incapability to make this thread in gforum anime section due to my lateness watch where it turn the event with awesomeness stuff for each episode... MM(Mishima Mei) voiced by Haruka suit her nicely... and also Hayakawa Misaki voiced by Rie...

obediently, it is kinda weird harem concept that been used but still enjoyable with NSFW[?] OP and WTF[?] ED song... also to reproduce the lost blood due to heavy nose bleed and calmed the stomach due to hilarious scene in the same time with the short period is impossible!!! for me at least... Kemeko insensible slapstick, Izumi's 'unhealthiness', Misaki's wackiness fetish and many more for the lulz stuff... at the same time, action pack were including for several episodes also remarkably done... the weakness is this series just contain 12 episodes where it limit for the certain side character to develop more...

in other note, cliffhanger ending... i know it suck, but cant be helped where i can smell the second season right away and the lost Sanpeita's first love appeared in the last episode without faced him... his harem boundary is more larger than i expected and drove me to start read the manga... looking forward for the next season and 9/10 getz for Kemeko DX...

Ef - Tales of Melodies

one fall series down... it was really a great show, who knows the last 2 episodes rapidly change my judgment about this series where before this i already rated it just 8 out of 10 due to it's heavy atmosphere and repellent used color... underestimate the SHAFT works really payoff lol... ok, after this is some words from what i've post in gforum with additional remark...

practically, Yuu and Yuko's ending can be tell from all over this series especially when Yuko appeared from no where and lend some advice to the previous Ef-Memo character and it become more clear when her tombstone shown in the beginning of episode 12, and it just about how they gonna make it stunning than the past series... bring back Euphoric Field with new adaptation in the middle episode 11 to give an idea about how they assembly the Ef-Memo's couples as one also Ebullient Future in episode 12, KuzeXMizuki

so far, it was beautiful ending for both leading Ef-Melo character... Kuze successfully through his operation and live with Mizuki happily and plus Ef former lead character HiroXMiya, KyosukeXKei and RenjiXChihiro with their life afterward where they live with Yuko’s words... surprisingly Yuu still cant recognize Mizuki where they’ve meet long ago eventhough Mizuki has revealed her name back then, Miki...

last words, 10/10 from me... it was obviously a nice one for romance genre despite it show less scene for my favorite couple, HiroXMiya :P

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Utawarerumono PS2 Intro

Utawarerumono for PS2 intro, amazing song indeed... oh yeah, the voice patch for PC version is available too... will re-play Uta again after this i guess :3

To-Love-Ru OVA PV

the pv is out... what can i say, the animated awesomeness trap and adult Yami ftw! XDDD

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

UEFA Champions League: First props

Draw in full:

Chelsea v Juventus

Villarreal v Panathinaikos

Sporting v Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid v Porto

Olympique Lyon v Barcelona

Real Madrid v Liverpool

Arsenal v AS Roma

Internazionale v Manchester United

* First legs to be played on February 24 and 25

* Second legs to be played on March 10 and 11


the draw for the champions league quarter final 19th December ago is totally terrific one since 3 of top 4 English club will be serve by Italian best club... 'Italian job for Premier giants', that what it says and i couldn't agree more with that... Chelsea meet Juventus, Arsenal versus AS Roma, and Inter with Man Utd, unfortunately the remaining top 4, Liverpool will face Real is not an easy task too... rooting for Man Utd is a MUST, looking forward for the next month match :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter 08/09 series huntlist

with fall series will close the curtain soon, winter animes awaits to fill the empty slots... ok, firstly, like usual bunch of new series will be airing but only few of em would hook on or comparable with my taste... regardless, this winter got less harem's series than before, i feel glad on it because new term gonna start soon and i'll be far away from internet connection for some getz~

The Tower of Druaga ~The Sword of Uruk~

-the sequel from the first one, definitely a must!...
Shikabane Hime: Kuro
-first season sub is a snail one, will watch it but need to finished Aka first...
Chrome Shelled Regios
-action+babes is welcome in my anime list...
White Album
-Nana Mizuki and Aya Hirano in the cast list, i smell massive great song in this series...
-Yuri? it has been a while i havent watch this genre since Strawberry Panic...
-helyeah! first harem on the sight~
Queen's Blade
-seem promising, no comment until i watch it first...
Asu no Yoichi
-i've read the manga and its awesome especially the art, totally harem indeed XD
-i've encountering this story in manga version long ago and obviously in watch list for any manga based...
Minami-ke Okaeri
Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo
-another suppa pawa gurls series from Sunrise...

plus for the new OVAs, Kowarekake no Orgol, Da Capo If and KissXSis caught my attention along with Kimi ga Nozomu Eien(4th), Seto no Hanayome(2nd), Mahou Sensei Negima! ~Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba~(2nd) and Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~(3rd, 4th, 5th)...

Shitshurei shimasu...

tag by mana... again lulz... nvm, i'll play along with my meido *grin2*

01. i love...

- anything that pleased my will

02. right now i want...

- money

03. i feel like...

- myself

04. i hate it when...

- waiting more than a half hour

05. i fear...

- when my hdd corrupt

06. i’m lonely without...

- my mp3 player

07. i need...

- moar waifu and meido~

08. today i...

- stay in the house 24 hours

09. tomorrow i...

- will stay in the house 24 hours

10. i just...

- be a simple

11. i want to meet...

- Nana Mizuki XD

12. i love it when...

- i kill mosquito with Ridsect *phhssss*

14. i’m afraid of...

- ghost [lol]

15. i’m listening to...

- my alter ego words

17. i wish i was in...

- Koihime Musou as a Hongo Kazuto

18. i want to get...

- REAL waifu and meido

19. i can...

- do nothing

20. i can’t...

- remembered the direction well

21. i have...

- a bunch of waifu

24. i haven’t...

- met any other alien races yet

25. i’m nervous to...

- face 3D gurls

26. my parent think i’m...

- immature

27. i think...

- i'm still 16 XD

28. i’m happy when...

- i saw happy ending

29. i’m sad when...

- i saw sad ending

30. i like eating...

- when i'm hungry

31. i hate eating...

- when i'm full

32. i love watching...

- animes

33. i love listening to...

- J-music

34. I like playing...

- eroges

35. TAG WHO? =


lawl XD

Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta rant!

recently i spend my supreme Sunday at CF with the determination to looking for something... along with another member, at first the sightseeing goes well until i reach The Figure Mall, my mission started here[helyeah!], search one by one and DANG! character from Sekirei is... NONE!!! don’t really mind if Yuuhi is not there since she is the second and Akane series is not so popular but Tsukiumi, the first ranking waifu is not there!!! totally racial discrimination, i keep it in my inner side so that wouldn’t do any stupid things, rant and ruin the event et cetera...

proceeding with that, i find something interesting to cure my brokenhearted... the eroge’s title where i searching for long ago where i do discover the character is adorable but didn’t know it's origin... Peace@Pieces, quite familiar with these name but just not aware of it, new download list added...

done with photography operation, round it again to kill the time, encounter bunch of REAL meido *heavy nose bleed*, cosplay event where i do enjoy the slapstick from those mc but sometimes, yaoi joke involved and lawl, loli on the stage making origami *grin*... other than that, Sherly’s consert!? XO... DO WANT RANKA!!!... almost 6 hour staying there until my leg + shoulder become stiff... need meido massage~

interesting part:
-i feel like Reppu wanna smack me when i'm the last one arrived XD
-Deady play Touhou, the so-called-loli gaem LULZ
-Ragey said i'm blur, actually that is my true nature expression XP
-after lunch, Kain left me alone T_T
-split again with the group and i was accused 'sesat' LOL
-Kirua and Chaos is a couple dude LOLZ watch Sheryl concert~
-this time, i'm clearly stalking people around especially meido *evil grin*

i do walk alone in the second trip coz it is more easier to move, fooling around, eyecandys and lulz stuff... but! yes 'but', when u find a guy wearing gurl cloth, saw it firsthand! it is no fun anymore instead searching for a paper bag and throwing stuff...

Yami and Lala from To-Love-Ru

Nanaka and the wincest[lol] sista, Yume and Otome

Hikaru and Nagi from Piece@Peaces, the title i'm searching for

2 of Toaru Majutsu no Index's character, Makoto and Index... no Kaori

Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou ftw!

Shinku alone without her sista

from all Clannad character, i just take her lol

Macross Frontier loli, Klan Klan ftw!

Hayate and Fate, to bad Nanoha isnt with her white robe

helyeah! Emuemu XD

Corti from Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica

the only series that i want to take a picture all of em... sadly Touka and Karura isnt there T_T

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