Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seto no Hanayome OVA

it's kinda late for me to watch this OVA... well, since i need to wait for a long period of time for the next ep for this OVA series, obviously it kill my interest to watch it right away just after the released... at the moment, i dont have any anime to watch and too lazy to grab my external HD which is contain a bunch of anime in my pending list and the only remaining unwatch is this one...

as i expected, like the tv series, Seto no Hanayome really didnt disappointing me... with the spontaneous comedy and epicness humor along with a death-game and chivalry stuff as a premise, its totally rule and i wouldn't complain anymore if the production team makes the second season instead... refreshing OP and awe-inspiring ED song, suit it selves :3...

without delay, i'll go to the plot which is this ep has been divided into 2 chronicle... the first one started with starting the new term and all main character become the 3rd year and by hook or by crook, Nagasumi isnt in the same class with San and Luna plus his seat has been taken by Edomae (helyah! uproarious from ep-20 tv series lol)... Nagasumi was send to undergrade class full of delinquent by Gouzaburou's plan and the deathmatch started... together with Hokuto no Ken references, the last part really exploded my stomach, all because of the tube-shape-fish-paste-cake lol!

the second chapter run with Nagasumi and San go watch a movie... with a new character introduction, Satori a.k.a. Saru's sista (didnt really reveal her name though but apparently she appear in manga), served with a laughable scene until those truck crashed into cinema, Die Hard/Bruce Willis parody take place and also Nagasumi with his chivalry tag with Maki plus San's song as a booster win on the whole ep XD... what important is Satori has been added into Nagasumi's haremu candidates is confirm :D

in preview, as i can see there, more likely Akeno will take part as a main role this time... oh, a maid! hime-sama gonna liek this XD

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