Friday, December 5, 2008

SKM moe league!

the 6th seat confirm, it was a hard-hitting battle since both Ryomou (Aashe) and Shuutai (Minmei) frequently got a vote leaving Sonsaku (Sheren) and Kougai (Sai) far behind... at last, Ryomou won with just a 9 vote gap...

for the 7th seat arena already begin and for now, Ryofu (Ren) take a lead... i bet, the winner for this matches already decided since all 10 candidates in a row, no one can threat Ryofu position XD... voting places should be HERE, easy as a cheesenut :D...

and the 8th seat, it is gonna be the battle between new character other than 3 faction... vote for Choukaku (Tenhou) is a MUST! XD

The battle for the 7th seat!

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