Friday, December 26, 2008

Ef - Tales of Melodies

one fall series down... it was really a great show, who knows the last 2 episodes rapidly change my judgment about this series where before this i already rated it just 8 out of 10 due to it's heavy atmosphere and repellent used color... underestimate the SHAFT works really payoff lol... ok, after this is some words from what i've post in gforum with additional remark...

practically, Yuu and Yuko's ending can be tell from all over this series especially when Yuko appeared from no where and lend some advice to the previous Ef-Memo character and it become more clear when her tombstone shown in the beginning of episode 12, and it just about how they gonna make it stunning than the past series... bring back Euphoric Field with new adaptation in the middle episode 11 to give an idea about how they assembly the Ef-Memo's couples as one also Ebullient Future in episode 12, KuzeXMizuki

so far, it was beautiful ending for both leading Ef-Melo character... Kuze successfully through his operation and live with Mizuki happily and plus Ef former lead character HiroXMiya, KyosukeXKei and RenjiXChihiro with their life afterward where they live with Yuko’s words... surprisingly Yuu still cant recognize Mizuki where they’ve meet long ago eventhough Mizuki has revealed her name back then, Miki...

last words, 10/10 from me... it was obviously a nice one for romance genre despite it show less scene for my favorite couple, HiroXMiya :P

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