Monday, December 22, 2008

Comic Fiesta rant!

recently i spend my supreme Sunday at CF with the determination to looking for something... along with another member, at first the sightseeing goes well until i reach The Figure Mall, my mission started here[helyeah!], search one by one and DANG! character from Sekirei is... NONE!!! don’t really mind if Yuuhi is not there since she is the second and Akane series is not so popular but Tsukiumi, the first ranking waifu is not there!!! totally racial discrimination, i keep it in my inner side so that wouldn’t do any stupid things, rant and ruin the event et cetera...

proceeding with that, i find something interesting to cure my brokenhearted... the eroge’s title where i searching for long ago where i do discover the character is adorable but didn’t know it's origin... Peace@Pieces, quite familiar with these name but just not aware of it, new download list added...

done with photography operation, round it again to kill the time, encounter bunch of REAL meido *heavy nose bleed*, cosplay event where i do enjoy the slapstick from those mc but sometimes, yaoi joke involved and lawl, loli on the stage making origami *grin*... other than that, Sherly’s consert!? XO... DO WANT RANKA!!!... almost 6 hour staying there until my leg + shoulder become stiff... need meido massage~

interesting part:
-i feel like Reppu wanna smack me when i'm the last one arrived XD
-Deady play Touhou, the so-called-loli gaem LULZ
-Ragey said i'm blur, actually that is my true nature expression XP
-after lunch, Kain left me alone T_T
-split again with the group and i was accused 'sesat' LOL
-Kirua and Chaos is a couple dude LOLZ watch Sheryl concert~
-this time, i'm clearly stalking people around especially meido *evil grin*

i do walk alone in the second trip coz it is more easier to move, fooling around, eyecandys and lulz stuff... but! yes 'but', when u find a guy wearing gurl cloth, saw it firsthand! it is no fun anymore instead searching for a paper bag and throwing stuff...

Yami and Lala from To-Love-Ru

Nanaka and the wincest[lol] sista, Yume and Otome

Hikaru and Nagi from Piece@Peaces, the title i'm searching for

2 of Toaru Majutsu no Index's character, Makoto and Index... no Kaori

Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou ftw!

Shinku alone without her sista

from all Clannad character, i just take her lol

Macross Frontier loli, Klan Klan ftw!

Hayate and Fate, to bad Nanoha isnt with her white robe

helyeah! Emuemu XD

Corti from Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica

the only series that i want to take a picture all of em... sadly Touka and Karura isnt there T_T


rayneholde said...

speaking of peace@pieces, you should've noticed the name on this old post of mine ->

i am quite surprised that you may have been reading it wifout realizing that the title you've been lurking for was there :3

Shinwa said...

lol... yes, i think i've noticed it the title somewhere but didnt aware bout it or cant discern that it is the same :P


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