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[baton pass by Hime-tan]

25 things you may not know about Shinwa [ in particular order but not too precise ]
p/s: what the hell, 25 is too much D:

01. when 1st time eat cheeses burger, around 6 years... *puke* ...

02. have only 1 fang...

03. 3 times involved in a bicycle accident and still OK!

04. once got bone fraction at left arm... car crash...

05. got countless scar in head, that why trying hard not to be bald...

06. once caught by police due to big fight in school...

07. natural being delinquent at the same time like drawing i.e the infamous Dragonball character that time...

08. 1999 is the time where he become one of Man Utd fans...

09. 1st DVD anime ever bought, This Ugly yet Beautiful World *thumbsup*

10. after entering U-life and obtain own desktop PC, rarely involved in some 3D's problems also is the end of rebellious age...

11. Grenadier is the anime that turned him into a moe-freak and already claiming countless of 2D's gurls...

12. 3 times failed in real romance, long-distance-relationship reason... short-distance need extra money XP

13. 19 years is the time when he reject all 3D's gurls... at the same time, due to his real-name-are-feminine-like, always ends-up into a class with a lots of gurls until now D: ... democracy sucks!

14. wear glasses once but stop using it, troublesome reason utill now...

15. each year until 2007, playing bamboo cannon is a must in Ramadhan month XD ... once almost get caught by police and runs away like hell lol

16. once tries skillfully jumping between 2 tree but fell down skillfully...

17. 16 years learning English but still cant mastered it well...

18. 1st eroge ever played... Artificial Girl 3...

19. trying hard to increase body weight and even now... it just cant exceed 50!!! D:

20. no particular favorite dishes or drinks...

21. 3 time got his PS2 repaired DX , give-up on it and get the PSP instead...

22. doesn't have any specific fetish...

23. frequently get treated by his wealthy sista... good things he's not a greedy person... broadband, PS3 and the new latest custom-build desktop would be enough :P

24. have 5 niece and 4 nephew and claimed them to called him 'Uncle S' lol

25. like to sightseeing/window-shopping alone... freedom is absolute!

-the route to become harem gawd is not that easy indeed-

next baton pass... none


[ BGM: Luka Megurine & Miku Hatsune - Dare Yori mo Happy Day -twin vocal style- ]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring 2009 Anime

High priority

Hayate no Gotoku 2
the second season of awesomeness butler-in-debt is a must for me... with more comedy and romace, do want to see if A-tan will be animated or not...

Fullmetal Alchemist
the first series rather disappointing me, i cant understand why ppl like it... the plot run to far from it’s manga and i feel like watching a massive of fillers... this remake is a wise option while rumors said it will faithfully base on manga...

Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S
i’ve watched the first one and it is either like or dislike it... but a remake is a must for me with a huge changing for character design, Corti looks more adorable XD

Common pick

one of Gonzo works, it’s summary rather promising...

The sole KyoAni works in this spring... i presume KyoAni only release one anime per season and that why no Suzumiya Haruhi 2 yet...

Senjou no Valkyria
Will try it despite that i’m not so fond with military parody...

Pandora Hearts
i’ve read it’s manga and there is no reason why i’d not watch it... the plot quite impressive but i'm afraid of certain character relationship will lead it to BL *shiver*

another Gonzo works, wont waste anything for trying it :3

Tears to Tiara
still haven’t play it’s game yet due to lack of time, but i just hope this one can make a par level with Utawarerumono...

Asura Cryin’
romance type is welcomed to my list... more than that, it’s made by Seven Arcs XD and Haruka Tomatsu on the cast list, obviously a MUST for me ;D

Tayutama –Kiss on my Deity-
i play it and i will watch it...

OVA hunting

it’s poster clearly show Riko appearance, plus i already miss Lala’s cute voice and Yami’s cold-ness... and around Riko’s highlight in manga, Yami once trans into adult form XDDDDD

Koihime Musou
i play it and i will watch it...

ToHeart2 -addplus-
harem is a must for me

Hayate no Gotoku 2
rumors said it’s a highlight around the Hinagiku’s birthday where Hayate X Hina on the top of clock tower ;D

Spice and Wolf 2: Amber Melancholy
another an OVA before it's anime airing... nice :D


[ BGM: Luca Megurine - RIP = Release ]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kami ill-fated

it has been 2 days i have a colds, headache over 9000! yeah, i have migraine but still go watch the promising match, Man Utd and Inter Milan this morning... however, it's end draw DX

fear not, something come to sight when lurking around... dark Nia materialize in the latest chapter Gurren Lagann High School XD

but still do want more stuff! quite rarely hanging around the internet these day... cant even think straight right now... *swallow a bunch of aspirin*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hayate no Gotoku: A Gateaway to become 'The Lucky Bastard'


currently, with almost 200 chapter or maybe more has been serialized, who knows the first harem manga i've read got so enormous and wise plot instead of my very first impression, "ohh... it's just a typical romantic comedy will become" but the character design and funny side keep me reading it, each character got their own development plus the secrecy among them is unpredictable event and keep amused me... i remembered it well, the damn long waiting for the new released after the 4th volume, approximately 6 month i suppose... gladly Foolrulez faithfully taking these series for translation...

The Lucky Bastard(TLB)

Main Target: Hayate Ayasaki a.k.a Hermionie Ayasaki

Hayate Ayasaki the infamous butler-in-debt who surround by almost well known most of it is his candidates and can tell by just looking at it, mostly lolis, not all of it but still lolis since almost non-big-chest gurls come into my sight for all this time... of course, it's just cross to mind after marathon over 20++ latest chapter and re-read the Athena's arc which is it show the reason of how Hayate receive the incredible undead body, along with that, it might happen Athena unaware of it unsealed the gateway for Hayate towards the harem's route...

The Candidates

Nagi Sanzenin
an otaku and clearly shown she is tsundere and being conclude with the awesomeness Rie-tsundere after HnG being animated... the misunderstanding relationship between Nagi and Hayate become more wider with the pass of time, she still think seriously of Hayate's false-confession and not aware of it... while has a crush on him, she made Hayate as her butler and the tremendous harem chronicles begin...

Maria hi.mi.tsu~
Nagi's meido, matured looking and her age always be making fun of despite she is only a year older than Hayate... perfect meido i'd say, her partnership with Hayate to take care of Nagi create an expected development in her feeling toward Hayate though it's not so clear enough to proved it since the poker face she have shown... constantly speak an indirect sarcasm to Hayate when it's comes about gurls problem...

Ayumu Nishizawa a.k.a Hamster
Hayate's former schoolmate who already had a crush on him, previously confess to him but rejected with the very sensible reason (2D's lol)... a very normal candidates which is a very normal life-style she have... unreasonably, she often being shown for little screentime in anime series... also, Ayumu is the sole reason why Hinagiku prevent her feeling to develop more toward Hayate...

Hinagiku Katsura a.k.a Hina
the student council president also the kendo club president... in their first meeting between Hayate and Hinagiku, quite appealing scene and since that, i've an eyes on her... Hinagiku experienced the same past as Hayate, not so frequently involve with Hayate's daily-mess-up-event but with the time flow, she have a crush on Hayate but preserve it due to her slip of the tongue that she will support Ayumu... not surprising if she is the most favorite character in HnG while the best event of Hayate X Hina obviously at time at the top of clock tower XD... highly approved Hayate X Hina

Isumi Saginomiya
Nagi's best and close friend, only her can recognize Nagi's manga also only Nagi can follow her as well... she do has feelings for Hayate though it's kind of oblique... Wataru have a crush on her, but she simply get the wrong idea about it while quite sharp to realize others feeling... the possession of Saginomiya blood makes her to do some sort of exorcist job while still keep it secrete form Nagi... Isumi always ends up lost while take a walk by herself lol

Izumi Segawa
Hayate's classmate who always in 'happy-mode' eventhough being teased by others, even her crying face is cute, no wonder her popularity among the characters skyrocket... who know that she is the 2nd candidates of Hayate's long ago with the kiss as the declaration, to bad she forget about that already... also do approved Hayate X Izumi

Athena Tennos a.k.a A-tan
she found the desperate Hayate in her Royal Garden and comfort him, later made him as her butler... at that time, Hayate is just a brat who doesn't have any ability plus his weak body is the reason why she unseal Hayate's real potential... this mayhap the time for him to assemble his own, and Izumi is the first victim... Athena and Hayate constantly shows their feeling toward each other and can tell by Hayate daring acts... also, another hunch that she might hold some relationship with Maria... they parted later, and it is quite dramatic event where both of em clash each other... later it shown Athena's appearance after 10 years passed... and again, do approved Hayate X Athena


The Rival

2nd Target: Wataru Tachibana

as we know, Hayate is not the sole TLB in this series... it happened that Wataru acknowledge Hayate as his icon but do he also want to inherit Hayate's 'TLB' ability?... despite that he have a deep feeling for Isumi, still hold capability to gather his own collection but for Isumi in it, out of question :3

The Candidates

Saki Kijima
Wataru's meido, like Maria taking care of Nagi but not as perfect as Maria... a preserve type and clumsy... she do accept to attend omiyai the reason to craft Wataru's attention for her...

Sakuya Aizawa
Nagi's cousin who fond to any stand-up comedy and forced Hayate to become one... she give-up to studies in Hakuō Academy just to give a way for Wataru on his expedition to get close with Isumi... uncomprehending why she is in Wataru's, reason is she often be with Wataru instead of Hayate though it just roughly hunch but still possible :3

Sonia Shaflnarz
a nun who hold a grudge towards Sanzenin Household... it appears that she have an obvious feeling for Wataru due to certain event... her combat skill is obviously sky-scraping level and Hayate once become her apprentice although it's just an act...


this series shows it's own value when being animated along with the upcoming OVA plus the second season in next the Spring... really looking forward for HayateXHina event and also will Athena make her debut :D

[BGM: Nana Mizuki - Gozen 0jino Baby Doll]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moe: isnt something u shud mess with


‘moe’ is something common for people who familiar with manganime stuff... i don’t give a damn for what it said in wiki since i’m not a fan of it plus it’s not 100 percent literally, it has been written by anonymous in addition anyone can revise it... so the material i’d to write

about is all base on my sensible knowledge and stuffy from 4 years experience... well anyone might notice that most of these words is be taken from some series as a preference which is suitable for this subject core point :P

firstly, i’ve never include 3D’s gurls as a moe since i’ve never seen one as far as i’m live until today which is almost the whole place in this country i’ve been... maybe my type is just to high for them to be my waifu yet meido lawl... encountering the real harem situation is quite occasionally for me as well even getting used to it, nonetheless the level of moeness i’m looking for it just far beyond the limit... i give up and go for 2Ds plus once declared to myself there is no contact between me and this tepid reality... i just can endure it for a week and then, no more lol

narrow community might thinking moe is something tainted things since all tempting depiction is considered as a foul entity, anime et cetera... of course it depend their opinion ‘bout it but sometimes it just too overrated and even offense people who into it, mind their own business, i didn’t even rape their cat... for eroge stuff, no comment about it since it’s purely not for underage... of course majority of eroge contain ‘unlimited moe works’...


a few terms what is moe in my moe-ism and haremu-ism dictionary...
- overwhelming arts for character creation where eye and hair become the main attraction...
- proper and a good quality for coloring which is fit those character...
- an addition superbly VC to fit the those character fairly, character from manga may less their moeness cause of it but To-Love-Ru and Omamori Himari is exclude...
- first rate animation is highly needed to complete the whole moe’s regulation, KyoAni’s works is the best example...
- for the time being, loli is somewhat at the top of all other type... however, age doesn’t concern much i.e. To Aru Majutsu no Index
- premonition is highly regard, either a guy or a gurl can become one... in other words, ‘TRAPs!!!’ ;D

it is indeed that this universe is lack of common sense, we got all event and competition which is most of them fairly depend on democracy, also is a well known as a voting thingies... even moe got it’s own, yes, Moe-league obviously and they even got a various category yet sometimes i’m puzzling about it, how to vote since it’s not limited for local voter and moonracks words all over the page though that time i can be considered as nerd... a few companion might know better concerning it especially Niwa :3


among those league, International Saimoe League is the most well known plus this year contender is already decided not even a week ago... amongst the nominee clearly include my favorite as well *grin*... it's has been scheduled the first match will start at 16th March... will KyoAni's conquer this whole league again, or Fate's Bardiche will slash them all, or the power of newbie overwhelm it :P

ISL 2009 contestant:

Asahina Mikuru
Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu

Series: Code Geass

Chiba Kirino

Evangeline McDowell
Series: Mahō Sensei Negima!

Fate Testarossa
Series: Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha

Fujibayashi Kyō

Furude Hanyū
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Furude Rika
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Furukawa Nagisa

Hiiragi Kagami
Series: Lucky ☆ Star

Hiiragi Tsukasa
Series: Lucky ☆ Star

Series: Ōkami to Kōshinryō

Ibuki Fūko

Ichinose Kotomi

Izumi Konata
Series: Lucky ☆ Star

Katsura Hinagiku
Series: Hayate no Gotoku!

Kawasumi Mai
Series: Kanon

Kawazoe Tamaki

Kinomoto Sakura
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura

Kurata Sayuri
Series: Kanon

Louise Vallière
Series: Zero no Tsukaima

Series: Hayate no Gotoku!

Minase Nayuki
Series: Kanon

Mizunashi Akari
Series: ARIA

Nagato Yuki
Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu

Ryūgū Rena
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Series: Fate/stay night

Sakagami Tomoyo

Sanzen'in Nagi
Series: Hayate no Gotoku!

Series: Shakugan no Shana

Series: Rozen Maiden

Series: Rozen Maiden

Suzumiya Haruhi
Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu

Takamachi Nanoha
Series: Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha

Tōsaka Rin
Series: Fate/stay night

Tsukimiya Ayu
Series: Kanon

Konjiki no Yami
Series: To Love-Ru

Hinamori Amu
Series: Shugo Chara!

Hakurei Reimu
Series: Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Aisaka Taiga
Series: Toradora!

Shameimaru Aya
Series: Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Remilia Scarlet
Series: Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Kirisame Marisa
Series: Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Kushieda Minori
Series: Toradora!

Patchouli Knowledge
Series: Tōhō Musō Kakyō

Series: Kannagi

Series: Rozen Maiden

Kamio Misuzu
Series: AIR

Sawatari Makoto
Series: Kanon

Anya Alstreim
Series: Code Geass

Sunohara Mei

Yagami Hayate
Series: Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha

Illyasviel von Einzbern
Series: Fate/stay night

Kawashima Ami
Series: Toradora!

Series: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Misaka Shiori
Series: Kanon

Ryōgi Shiki
Series: Kara no Kyōkai

Katagiri Yūhi
Series: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

Misaka Mikoto
Series: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Series: Chobits

Kasuga "Ōsaka" Ayumu
Series: Azumanga Daiō

Series: Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha

Alice Carroll
Series: ARIA

Koizuki Kallen
Series: Code Geass

yeah, the highlight one is a must for me... since Kaori didnt make it, Makoto is fine for me... plus Horo, someone will rant if i'm into her XD
last words, random, all of this is a random thought :3

[ BGM: Mako, Endou Ayu & Makino Yui - Sora wa Shoujo no Tomodachisa ]

To Aru Majutsu no Index dj - Choudenji Hou no Ai Shikata

winner among the h-doujin i've read in this year, yeah Mikoto is purely win plus with it's nice arts along 50 pages... isnt something ye shud miss for Toaru fans, in fact that i missed a few days after it released... shame2~

what a lucky bastard Touma become, indulge himself within the powerful candidates...

*nosebleedz*... cant say more about it XD

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Omamori Himari: Chapter 26


yet i've done any post bout this series but will do some updates summarize like To-Love-Ru for each chapter :3... base from previous chapter, Himari turn out into a child form aka loli form cause by Kuesu potion... great arc so far XD

continuation from chapter 26a before, the conclusion of confrontation between loli's Himari and Ageha...

another one Yuuto's candidates is confirmed XD

yet Himari back to her original form... noooouuuuu!~

a sole 'trap' in this series reveal!

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 136

Yui with apron is love, among all normal gurls she would be a perfect pairing with Rito... yeah, not Haruna for me...

as usual, chapter 136 has been released RHS also around Valentine event which is remind me Lala give the whole class her chocolate which is contain love potion lol... well, a year already passed but i didnt remember they have advance to the second year also which is probably for a kouhai as Rito new candidates XD

also, Riko as a eyecandy in this chapter, what a delusional Saruyama lol... cant wait for it's OVA, Riko and adult Yami XD

yeah, even it's inedible i'll eat it for sure!!!111

here the real problem, how she gonna give him... i sense over 9000 tsundere-mode will ON next chapter *grin*

[BGM: Stereopony - Namida no Mukou]

Saturday, February 14, 2009


i've upload the picture before but get deleted, damn photobucket... gimme a break... well, here is the real bargain, nsfw To-Love-Ru Valentine Special with non-smoke(i hate Valentine but i love TLR XD) click desu~

i quite aware what Valentine is but who care? i dont since i've moderately knowledge 'bout it and it's history which is somehow got a various spin-off lawl... still, great number of my waifu already prepare themselves for me... cant be helped ehh, kami's profession surely tough ;D ... in other note, no Valentine stuffy in my haremism dictionary...

[BGM: Miyuki Hashimoto - Time]

Thursday, February 12, 2009

To-Love-Ru: Valentine Special

Valentine Special with superb full color!!!111oneoneone... other than that, Yami is also there... Rito surely got guts *crossfinger*

[BGM : Daisy x Daisy - Brave Your Truth]

Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku


absolutely a nice and exclusive concept has been used, obviously out of harem genre but somehow consist massive of indirect ecchi scene along with the first rate lol-tastic hilarious stuff... whilst, the supreme arts can take into account too why this series is including in my finest manga list within romance comedy league... even Ragey approved it lol

6 chapter has been translate till now and there are still lack of genuine plot instead of a how both Moriguchi Orito and Harunabara Hatsuki encountering their school life, and how hard Orito try to deal with Hatsuki secrete which is only he know bout it... some kind of 'can-see-through-what-is-she-thinking' when touching her PLUS her hallucination is always appeared to be amazing XD

regardless, for more step into a love development for those two are still early but the progression is noticeably which is remind me Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu theme... it just i'm more prefer this one for an obvious and very clear reason XP... yet another perfect oujo-type for me :3

the reason which is only Orito can see through her during indirect touch still unclear... sometime she do touch Orito to express her thought...

preserve and clumsy yet wonderful :D

Hatsuki's yuri delusional XD

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nurarihyon no Mago


it has been a while for my finger to type about manga, Nurarihyon no Mago, it has pick my interest long ago by didnt have a time to download it, or technically too lazy to download from chapter one... well, at least i've started read this series a few days ago till the latest one, chapter 45, better do than never :P... essentially, the story central point is about youkai where i can feel a little similarity with D.Grayman concept which is D.Grayman is all about western youkai, and Nurarihyon no Mago is about eastern youkai...

quite interesting idea to come across Shiibashi Hiroshi for this series... Rikuo, grandson of the youkai supreme commander a.k.a a bad side and rebelliously to inherit those title due to he just have a quarter of the youkai blood and more prefer a normal human lifestyle... the plot progression made him more matured and begin to accept it considering his origin always cause a dangerous situation to his friend...

for it's arts, i find it quite classic style has been used which mean it's fond to ancient Japanese arts style [really? lol]... moreover, despite that the 'youkai' quite fugly to begin with, by the flow of time, unconsciously will get used to it... and not all of them unpleasant for eyes :3... along with that, awareness that there is 3 Rikuo's candidates make it awesome, even though it's just a subplot and generally for a shounen's action type which mean less romance, well what can be expected from a 13 years old brat...

my expectation and attention level for this series already surpass Bleach for 'Weekly Shonen Jump' manga, i can feel the awesomeness level is moar higher than that! :3

yesh, 3 Rikuo's candidates despite that Yura still is still unconfirmed since she is a kind of preserved type, Tsurara is obvious, Kana too but she only attract towards Rikuo another form :3


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity


it has been a while i write something about eroge since Koihime Musou... and this time, it is no other than Tayutama which is i've completed it around a week ago plus it series will be airing in this Spring and some thought about Spring anime will comes later... well if it about nekomimi, obviously a must for me *droll*

about this universe, yet another deity concept but with a wise plot where it focusing on 4 gurls... Mashiro Mito, obviously a fox deity... Mifuyu Kisaragi, rich and cold type looking but surprisingly she acts more nicer than her look... Ameri Kawai, a childhood friend and of course it is a must for harem variety... and Yumina Takanashi, another obvious one *chough*loli*chough*

as well for those gurls, 4 routes to be chosen and i like all of the ending... which mean, here i can conclude 2 of the ending might possible for its series... 12 episode divide by 4 arcs, it's all depend on the male lead's priority and high possibility obviously for main female lead herself, Mashiro or childhood friend who will win, Ameri...

playing this eroge suddenly spoil my self if this anime adaptation faithfully follow the original plot where all who dont try this eroge might stunned by some particular event where even i amused with it and some of em makes me lol hard in Ameri's route XD... what can be sure, Mashiro's route give a biggest impact among another... on the side note, Mifuyu first time, she's being forced lol

First impression: a villain and loli fight :3

Mifuyu being rape by the main lead *nosebleeds* which remind me Tears to Tiara XD

Contra with Ameri who have devil-like wing, Yumina made a pact and obtain an angel-like wings

First prediction for anime ending, the future where Yuri made a pact for immortality to be with Mashiro forever

Second one, all impurities and Mashiro back to her former world... dont want this ending... period~

likewise, just after this one finished, another bunch of eroge awaiting... Ashita No Kimi To Au Tame Ni has been selected for the next progression...

[BGM: Eri Kitamura - Trust in Me]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Retired 'Kami'

[moe-ism rulez~]

these day i'm into a lazy-lazy-mode to write some fishy stuff, it might due to the upcoming quadrangle assignment plus teh awesomeness pop-quiz where my life is on ther line... i've even cut my enjoyable moment with my waifu and meido and might get even busier soon... this year i claimed it as the most hectic year i've face, part-time practical job during the semester break and a final project to make the thick as hell a thesis report... owh, my aniki get married too this March and the current so-called-home-sweet-home is no longer a place who can i walk-in and shout 'tadama' since the upcoming sista-in-law will staying there with my brother... plus my sista will cut-off the greatest snailmix since all this time she is the one who paid it... disposal i'll become... another note, suddenly, i lack of my daily expense since i've lend a great number of my saving to my-GREAT-aniki who will become a hubby soon -___-

this might be the time of me to get serious for my future... but fear not, 2D still is my priority, 3Ds out of question and i'll find another alternative for my internet life... definitely not mamak's wireless, mayhap it's the time for 4Mb snailmix in my new rent-house (obviously not Izumo House) soon before semester break... yeah, 4 room and 3 bathroom plus the monthly price still same with the current one :3...

[BGM: Mizuki Nana - Pride of Glory]

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