Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nurarihyon no Mago


it has been a while for my finger to type about manga, Nurarihyon no Mago, it has pick my interest long ago by didnt have a time to download it, or technically too lazy to download from chapter one... well, at least i've started read this series a few days ago till the latest one, chapter 45, better do than never :P... essentially, the story central point is about youkai where i can feel a little similarity with D.Grayman concept which is D.Grayman is all about western youkai, and Nurarihyon no Mago is about eastern youkai...

quite interesting idea to come across Shiibashi Hiroshi for this series... Rikuo, grandson of the youkai supreme commander a.k.a a bad side and rebelliously to inherit those title due to he just have a quarter of the youkai blood and more prefer a normal human lifestyle... the plot progression made him more matured and begin to accept it considering his origin always cause a dangerous situation to his friend...

for it's arts, i find it quite classic style has been used which mean it's fond to ancient Japanese arts style [really? lol]... moreover, despite that the 'youkai' quite fugly to begin with, by the flow of time, unconsciously will get used to it... and not all of them unpleasant for eyes :3... along with that, awareness that there is 3 Rikuo's candidates make it awesome, even though it's just a subplot and generally for a shounen's action type which mean less romance, well what can be expected from a 13 years old brat...

my expectation and attention level for this series already surpass Bleach for 'Weekly Shonen Jump' manga, i can feel the awesomeness level is moar higher than that! :3

yesh, 3 Rikuo's candidates despite that Yura still is still unconfirmed since she is a kind of preserved type, Tsurara is obvious, Kana too but she only attract towards Rikuo another form :3


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This oddly looks like garei :O


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