Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku


absolutely a nice and exclusive concept has been used, obviously out of harem genre but somehow consist massive of indirect ecchi scene along with the first rate lol-tastic hilarious stuff... whilst, the supreme arts can take into account too why this series is including in my finest manga list within romance comedy league... even Ragey approved it lol

6 chapter has been translate till now and there are still lack of genuine plot instead of a how both Moriguchi Orito and Harunabara Hatsuki encountering their school life, and how hard Orito try to deal with Hatsuki secrete which is only he know bout it... some kind of 'can-see-through-what-is-she-thinking' when touching her PLUS her hallucination is always appeared to be amazing XD

regardless, for more step into a love development for those two are still early but the progression is noticeably which is remind me Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu theme... it just i'm more prefer this one for an obvious and very clear reason XP... yet another perfect oujo-type for me :3

the reason which is only Orito can see through her during indirect touch still unclear... sometime she do touch Orito to express her thought...

preserve and clumsy yet wonderful :D

Hatsuki's yuri delusional XD

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BbL-Kevinus said...

haha what a coincidence!
I was searching for good (ecchi) mangas yesterday and read the series


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