Sunday, May 30, 2010

Galaxy Angel : 1st Game Revision


Developers : BROCCOLI
Platforms : Windows, PlayStation 2
Types : Dating Sim, Strategy Game

start playing this so-called galge last week, i said to myself how can i missed this one despite its translation patch has been released at the end of last year... anyway, i expect everyone know about this infamous Galaxy Angel franchise- well unlike the other adaptation series, Galaxy Angel tv series come first before galge version released and ofc it cant run from the alternate universe for both story... noticeably Takuto Meyers, he didnt make his appearance in tv series thus revised it genre, no romance and harem(duhh)... no wonder many people said the game version are better that tv series...

ok then about its plot, i must say it's quite simple and typical but interesting in certain point, the main character, Takuto being picked out of nowhere to lead a so-called special imperial force a.k.a Moon Angel Troupe to guarding the last royal blood from coup d'état forces... characters intercourse also isnt too complex and no triangle love involved, i think this is reason why the 6th Angel Chitose being added in GA sequel Moonlit Lovers, more drama and difficulties in their relationship... Milfeulle's route just decent, Ranpha's route are the best for me, Mint's route quite interesting too, Forte and Vanilla's route just ok- actually i expecting more from Vanilla's but... oh well...

The Death Star

lovey-dovey meter ♥

for its gameplay, just a usual basic multiple choices but its important to look up at all Angels to raising the love meter(Whale Report) since this also raising their fighters firepower... for space battles, not too hard actually depend on your skill and tactical plans... well at first i'm also not too used to it, just commanding all Angels charging and then observes it receiving damages... well actually can made them evades enemy missiles with ease if command them effectively but regarding the Angel's fighter are GOD LIKE especially their special power is one-hit-KO, there's no need to focus on them BUT, their battleship, Elle Ciel are freaking weak and freaking slow and always being targeted! this the only aspect were made me headdesking... overall, i'm amused with it despite the graphic isnt top notch like these day, from what i see they made an improvement in sequel...

now i'm quite eager to play the sequel, Moonlit Lovers but translation patch wont come anytime soon plus AGTH didnt work well with it... cant do anything about it but i expect Moonlit Lovers are more creative after watching Chitose's 1st stage fight sequences + more daring scene from Milfeulle, Ranpha and Vanilla xD

p/s: i once mistaken Ranpha as Asuka long ago xP

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Figurine : Asuka Langley Shikinami [EVA 2.0]


Figure: Asuka Langley Figure: Shikinami Test Type Plugsuit Version
From: Evangelion​ 2.​0​ You​ Can (Not)​ Advance
Company: Alter
Release Month: October 2010

THEY'VE DONE IT, ALTER!!!!! tearful joy i had- Eva 2.22 released and now this awesome Asuka to be grabbed... well i'm not really dislike her old plugsuit but test plugsuit is also pure win topped with freaking nice ass for display, oh heaven~ xD inb4 Rei + Mari...


Monday, May 24, 2010

Angel Beats! : Girls Dead Monster - Little Braver

i expect many of you have seen this, music video of the latest song of Girls Dead Monster or GirlDeMo band, 'Little Braver' featuring LiSA aka Yui singing voice... also the new single will be release on June 9th !!

Summer 2010 Anime : Huntlist

source: chartfag
click image for larger size

i thought i'm gonna lessen my time on screen but after observing this summer anime listing, i just cant... urghh stop smoking are more easier that this and btw- O HYE SUMMER & HAREM !!

Highschool of the Dead [official site]
definitely is a MUST, there's no reason for anime watcher out there skipping this- a pure gore + realist events + jiggling boobs, an awesome ingredient for yer cup of tea :3

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin [official site]
dont have enough information about these series but since comedy are involved, i'd give a shot like usual-

Sengoku Basara 2 [official site]
well honestly i wonder if they're gonna apply what they've done in season 1 which is: 1st episode = AWESOME, 2nd episode = GREAT, 3rd Episode = ohh and so on... the impact decrease in further episode like losing idea to pulled something grand- hope this is not disappoint

Shiki [official site]
comparing the illustration from manga and PV, i'm blow'd... DEEN as its anime production i cant expect more from them anymore after they screwed up Umineko big time... it's gonna be either fail or success, no average, no mid tier etc-

Nurarihyon no Mago [official site]
as a manga reader myself the story is absorbing, yakuza + youkai concept is not ur everyday series, and ofc another reason why this is worth to follow is well named voice actor involving in...

The Legend of The Legendary Heroes [official site]
the title seems a bit shounen-ish, not like i care much about it... adventure fantasy are welcomed in my watchlist :)

Amagami SS [official site]
the same creator of Kimikiss but since its anime production are different, i expect they arent gonna splitting the main dude- dividing harem is less fun...

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi [official site]
at first i watched the PV, i thought i saw Taiga adult form... well regarding this one are made by JCStaff, at least modify a bit [moar] cant ya? anyway, JCStaff also means 24++ episodes enjoyment !!

Asobi ni Iku yo [official site]
big breasted Horo + AIC, nuff said :3

Seitokai Yakuindomo [official site]
my information about this series is limited as well, so cant comment further till quick impression is up-

Shikufu no Campanella [official site]
this one look a bit mild compared to another harem series, what a great variety :D

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ [official site]
FFFFFFFFFFFF YEAH!!!!!! Tsukiumi check'd, Kagari winged check'd, boobs chec- *INAMI PUNCH'd*

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Angel Beats! : OP & ED Single


Title: Angel Beats! OP ED Single - My Soul, Your Beats / Brave Song
Artist: Lia / Aoi Tada


1. My Soul, Your Beats!
2. Brave Song
3. My Soul, Your Beats! (TV Size)
4. Brave Song (TV Size)
5. My Soul, Your Beats! (instrumental)
6. Brave Song (instrumental)


- - - - - - - - - -

it has been awhile i'm waiting for this, quite complete set thar- a full version, tv size and off vocal version... for 'My Soul, Your Beats!' all i can say it's typical Lia + Key song... along with a peaceful ED song, 'Brave Song', i just cant get enough of this... now only need to wait Angel Beats! soundtrack though i'd love to see if they're gonna release characters song also-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ISML 2010 Amethyst Necklace Winner : Nagato Yuki


ISML 2010 official site:

once she be called the God Slayer, Yuki raise after failed to defend the Topaz Necklace before and by pounding Saber to ground, she claimed Amethyst necklace with ease leaving another 2 candidates behind, the close contender for Amethyst necklace if Yuki lose, Mio and Shana... unfortunately both of them met each other this round and by the rule of the game only one must prevail, thus Shana undefeatable run ends here...

Aquamarine Necklace: Akiyama Mio
Topaz Necklace: Aisaka Taiga

CHAOS;HEAD Love Chu Chu! ED Single - Inori no Violette


Title: CHAOS;HEAD Love Chu Chu! ED Single - Inori no Violette
Artist: Sakakibara Yui


1. Inori no Violette
2. Innocence -Satsuriku no Souseiki Shihen Saishuushou Yori-
3. Zaika ni Keiyaku no Chi wo -Single Limited Version-
4. Inori no Violette (instrumental)
5. Innocence -Satsuriku no Souseiki Shihen Saishuushou Yori- (instrumental)


- - - - - - - - - -

what i must say her is- dont be fooled by 'Love Chu Chu!', it looks fancy enough to causing misunderstand that this single is another typical-happy-go-lucky-harem song like its OP but it's not... if you ever heard Phantasm's song before lead by Ayase Kishimoto aka 'FES' and you will get it what i mean... all 3 songs is awesome, nuff said :3

Densou Gakudan - Gensouroku [Touhou Project]


Title: Densou Gakudan - Gensouroku
Circle: TENMON
Illustrationist: Studio S.D.T.
(Tatsuya Yuki)

01. Youyoumu
02. The Gensokyo The Gods Loved
03. Nostalgic Blood of the East
04. Flower Land Gensokyo, Past and Present
05. Shanghai Teahouse
06. Higan Retour
07. Lullaby of a Deserted Hell
08. Native Faith
09. Eternal Dream


- - - - - - - - - -

Touhou Project arrange album by TENMON is not something i'd overlook with... personally not much into instrumental or orchestral music but i do enjoy all music in this album especially 'Youyoumu', 'Konjaku Gensoukyou' and 'Native Faith' :3

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Figurine : Senjougahara Hitagi [Bakemonogatari]


Figure: Senjougahara Hitagi
From: Bakemonogatari
Company: Good Smile Company

already pre-ordered this, despite it's quite pricey compare to another 1/8 class, i must say it's worth it- those falling stationeries + her expression are totally well made, and there's 2nd kit, she's holding stapler and normal skirt- well i doubt i'll use it later because the 1st one is already win enough... actually i'm glad didnt pre-ordering Kotobukia's before or i'll regret it now lol... and now just need to wait for them to open PO for Nadeko anytime soon :D


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun! : Chapter 5


aright, it's the latest chapter of Mayoi Neko Overrun! since i havent done any manga review since To-Love-Ru end, this is a good re-start... really tempting one, as expected from Yabuki-sensei awesomely adorable art especially for this chapter which is full of eyecandy, the swimsuits spree !!


moeoverload warning !! i... just... can't... resist... this... /dies...

tsun-alert !! oh you~

SNAPPED !! something like this is bound to happen eventually- *heavynosebleedz*

NOOOOOUUUUUUuuu!!!111oneoneone ~

aright, Takumi just won a ticket to hell, you lucky bastart !!

planing something behind this freeeking-awesomely-cute-innocent-smile ?! xD

okey dokey, your turns will come sooner or later and i'm very looking forward to it ;3

unlike MNO! anime in episode 4, this time Chise inviting all of her club member of 'Stray Cats Association' to her private beach... well Otome and Kanae technically is not a member but maybe they are automatically become one since the operation 'find the kitty owner' in last chapter... well it's obvious that Chise real intention's to spend the rest of summer break with Takumi, Fumino reaction is typically 'ah as expected' and for Nozomi, deadpan like always and yet actively bold towards him... afterward, Kaho joining in- it's hard to tell what actually in her head, well not really a big deal at the moment... to fast forward, Ieyasu get drowning and Takumi saves him but he get drowning instead and Nozomi come saves the day, and also ALMOST CPR'd him *sigh relief*... alright, while they're all arguing to rape his first kiss- Kaho take a step ahead ! [FFFFFF-] aside for Fumino and Chise, i'd love to see Nozomi's out of her character reaction, jealousy, mad or mayhaps dishearten... but maybe it's not the time yet to see all of that... may this is the reason why i like her as why Yami is my first choice b4 ;3 ... to see Kanae truly enjoying this, i cant wait for her flag being triggered too lol~

overall, i must say this is really an enjoying chapter, despite it's sub-plot or maybe there's no storyline to begin with- when it comes about Yabuki-sensei's art all those trivial matters will be ignored, deja vu indeed...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Angel Beats! : Insert Song Single 2


Title: Angel Beats! Insert Song Single 2 – Thousand Enemies
Artist: Girls Dead Monster


1. Thousand Enemies
2. Rain Song
3. Highest Life


- - - - - - - - - -

the second generation of Girls Dead Monster which currently lead by Yui... well 'Thousand Enemies' is great enough to be recognized- another 2 tracks is not bad either :3

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fortune Arterial : Anime Get


Animation Production: ZEXCS, Feel

Kohei Hasekura transfers to a prestigious school on a remote island where he lived long ago. Even as he's just settling in to his new school life and reacquainting himself with his old friends Kanade and Haruna Yuki, he finds himself entangled with the Student Council and its Vice President Erika Sendo. Erika is attractive, popular, and displays pride befitting her stature, but she's hiding a secret: she's actually a vampire. Thus Kohei finds himself thrust into the mysterious hidden world of the school and the vampires that secretly roam within.


August, quite blasphemy for those eroge player who didn't know about this company who are infamous with their 'Yoake Mae yori Ruri-iro na'... well even 'Fortune Arterial' has established it fanbase as well despite it took quite awhile for getting an anime adaptation which is being announced last month via youtube... FA catch my attention after finishing 'Moonlight Cradle' VN last year- with vampire premise, the plot are enjoyable for me and i extremely love Erika and Kiriha route... i'm glad actually seeing ZEXCS + Feel who are working on this project, inb4 another 'cabbage incident' occur...

Fortune Arterial visual novel OP to ring a bell...

Figurine : Yagyu Jubei [Hyakka Ryoran]


Figure: Yagyu Jubei
From: Hyakka Ryoran
Company: Alter

bought this last week from TFM, i must say this is my 1st figure from Alter... well she is gorgeous indeed, i've eying on her + Yukimura Sanada since last year, but didn't have a chance to get it until recently (still looking for Yukimura atm)- though i'm prefer Jubei swimsuit version more, unfortunately it's limited and lottery item despite lesser price... but blast! i'm surprised the stand are different from what i see on the sample picture- well it's not bad thing though... now i'm still waiting Kagura and Subaru figma to arrive, should be more awesome if Wave's Kyou arrive first !


p/s: i've mention before about Hyakka Ryouran anime before and expecting it to be aired this summer or mayhap autumn ;3

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