Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ISML 2010 Aquamarine Necklace Winner : Akiyama Mio


ISML 2010 official site: www.internationalsaimoe.com

Mio grab Aquamarine necklace with ease after defeating Yuki, it seem like i overlook her because i thought that Mikoto have a high chance for Aquamarine necklace before if she beats Taiga... as one of 4 unbeaten contestant, Mikoto shows some impressive improvement compared to last year ISML where she place no. 42 overall... for Mio, she's newcomer but have a big name behind her, K-ON! the result is to be expected... even Shana and Hinagiku fanbase hasnt fade yet, it just the matter of time before SnS and HnG 3rd season- could this year is another two-way battle between KyoAni and JC Staff or SHAFT and mayhaps DEEN joining in for the necklace race...

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