Monday, April 19, 2010

Eureka Seven : Final Impresion


Eureka Seven
Producers: Bones
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it was quite late for me to completed watching this series despite the whole episodes has been residing in my hdd for a long time, watch few episodes and then hold on... like usual excuse, irl commitment plus a new series holds me from watching it and just this week, i resolve to finish it for sure...

for a 50 episodes run plus it has been made by BONES- i believe no anime freak out there never heard about Eureka Seven... for awhile after finished watching, i was thinking BONES has made a tremendously creative series set in an intriguing world, there's no much problem lies in the execution story- basically E7 is all about two difference beings falling each other but there's too much resistant upon them... it starts off averagely for the 1st half and became tense in other half though there's few relaxing episodes pops up, but i still can overlook that by viewing this is an one year running series...

characters development doesn't mixed up with plot progressing alas i just have one complain, Renton, yes the main lead and our world savior, unlike Simon(TTGL) he still crying like a wimp even in the last episode duh~ what the hell, where is your guts that has been built up b4 !? well for characters design, it's an ok, all i can say the rest of BONES's work is actually based on E7 design such as Xam'd and Heroman which is recently aired...

next, its animation also can be considered as beautiful around that period, 2005 when E7 start airing, well drawn setting, cool looking mecha, even the battle sequences are also first class along with outstanding sound effect and bgm...

as for a romance series, the couple intercourse play its role but what i want to highlighting here is- despite Eureka and Renton are the main character, Anemone and Dominic relationship won over them, completely- in fact their part has done, BONES should give them credit to reveal themselves in the brightest limelights in final episode but... forget it... overall i can say, this series is a okay to watch but just need some endurance to keep clear mind seeing the same outfit considering its 50 episodes... final words, thanks for the ride ;3

Story (10/10)
Animation (8/10)
Sound (9/10)
Characters (8/10)
Enjoyment (8/10)
Final Score (8.6/10)

p/s: Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows is an alternative version of E7 TV series, i might consider to watch it when have spare time :3


rayneholde said...

my imouto got a boxset for this, but i haven't had my watch on it yet for the same reason as you, +i am often reluctant to watch series that goes for 50++ episodes no matter how good they were [ with exceptions being blood+ and the FMA series :3 ]

however thanks to your review i will give this one a try :3

shinwa said...

tbh i despise FMA earlier version, its story doesnt make sense to me- but Brotherhood is cool...
sadly i've yet to watch Blood+

and i'd love to avoid any JUMP's adaptation... but it's fine with me if To-Love-Ru goes above 50 episodes xD

chanz said...

ahha~ i just finish downloading eureka seven pocket full of rainbows. let's watch it!

shinwa said...

in process, i just need 2 hours free time to spend on it ;D


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