Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall 2010 Anime [Short Impression : Part 1]

alright, this is the remaining of my watchlist in this fall, i've gathered it into a couple post and part 2 will come soon ..

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Tegami Bachi Reverse

Anime Production : Studio Pierrot
Genres : adventure, fantasy, supernatural
Approval : 3.5/5

Obviously a direct continuation from the previous one where Lad finally meet Gauche again but he somehow didn’t remember anything about Lad while claiming himself as Noir, who are working for an unknown dark organization which are oppose the government and the fellow Letter Bee arc nemesis .. there’s nothing change about its animation compare to the previous season, nevertheless, its OP hinted a lots of incident gonna occurs covering the important event and main plot progression of the series .. btw, it’s good to see Sylvette again though I’m definitely not gonna try her deadly homemade soup ..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Anime Production : Studio DEEN
Genres : action, drama, historical, supernatural
Approval : 3.5/5

Another sequel that is a must for me to follow this season, there’s nothing much can I say here, Shinsengumi troupe is now changing and adapting into a modern war situation where gun is over the sword .. all characters now are with a new appearance, western clothing, well it’s definitely looks cool on them and makes fangirls across the world crying excitement .. anyway, looking on its OP, can tell it promising a lot of war while Chizuru main purpose is gone at time, bishie are tempting afterall for a girl ..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Anime Production : SHAFT
Genres : comedy, romance
Approval : 3/5

I’ve no idea what I need to say about this sequel, same animation, same setting, same characters plus a few of new faces also a thoughtful slapstick as its previous one, maybe I do forgot that Arakawa doesn’t have a plot but I just hoping for some, at least the revelation of Nino’s origin ..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Super Robot War OG -The Inspector-

Anime Production : Ashi Productions
Genres : action, mecha, sci-fi
Approval : 3.5/5

Alien invasion, conflict between human and epic battle between mechas, needless to say that’s the element what made it SRW besides the line up of the fellow hot chicks together with awesomely cool looking and unique mecha design .. well a great series doesn’t mean it’s completely flawless and I just need to pointing at the obvious one here, Exellen’s voice is freaking doesn’t suit her appearance [ wtf with that slutty tone ? ] .. that aside, it’s OP are awesomely PWND and also boobs-luscious ED !

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Anime Production : J.C. Staff
Genres : comedy, romance
Approval : 3/5

Another Weekly Shounen Jump’s manga to anime adaptation .. the concept they’re trying to show are fairly interesting whilst it can be related to a real life situation which are facing every mangaka, compete with each other, struggling for serialization etc .. and this is the story resolve around Saiko and Shuujin to become like that .. with decent animation and decent VA’s lineup, I just cant get exited in the beginning of this series, maybe because I’m still following it’s manga where it has reached a point where you can see trice excitement of the plot progression, note that this is not battle series ..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ika Musume

Anime Production : Diomedea
Genres : comedy, slice of Life, supernatural[?]
Approval : 3.5/5

Among the lineup series in this fall, Ika Mususme are definitely worth in one’s watchlist for the sake of its humor .. with the intention of world domination, Ika Musume-chan ends up become a waitress in family footstalk and thus it began her daily life together with her zero knowledge about human world and their habitat, ofc it’s funny to see her how she’ll deal with it .. not forget to mention her VA, Kanae Itou fitting the role very well with her childish tone made the series more lol-tastical ..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : J.C. Staff
Genres : action, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, romance, ecchi
Approval : 5/5


It’s unarguable anymore that IndexS2 was the most anticipated anime series this whole season .. Touma and his harem is back with a lot of promising arcs ! before I go further, firstly I’ve see there’s a small issue about which one’s better between the main stories, Index and its infamous spin-off, Railgun .. IMO it doesn’t matter which one’s superior because both have its own appeal, if not, Index LN vol. 22 wont topped the other which has been sold over 10k copies in first week it released, and Railgun, well it got its own fans after the anime been aired [ heck, I bet no one knows about Railgun manga after Index anime been aired ] .. anyway I guess the reason 1st season of Index are unlikable because they ends it in the wrong time thus leave an un-satisfaction feeling ..

as for me, after it end I close myself with its LN and find out that all those 24 episodes is nothing but a prelude to Index universe which is dividing it into several arc and mostly keen on characters depth and development [ Mikoto, Accelerator, Hyouka ] which are gonna play a vital role in upcoming event .. Railgun is otherwise, it can goes on over and over by the name of filler since it only resolved around Mikoto in her daily life [ yet it still hasn’t touch the dark stories behind her a.k.a. Imouto Arc ] .. compared to Index, there’s too many things need to cover, for instance, magic side which are divided into a number of faction, and even Academy City have its dark side .. as a bonus, Railgun’s 2nd main character, Kuroko aren’t been left out totally, and I must say that her own arc in Index are much thoughtful than her development in Railgun .. less action more talk ? what can be expected, this is Index, theories is always over an action anytime, Touma cant just break through and touching his foe just like that because it is more like a mind game than a street brawl .. heck even Accelerator get beaten into pulp by non ESPer other than Touma ..

enough with overture, once I start to writing, I cant stop myself .. back to IndexS2, the 1st episode practically just a small arc that were left out in IndexS1 and the real deal start at episode 2, note that this is the starting point of Touma’s conflict with Roman Catholic Church consequently will drag out to the World War 3 event in the future .. what is more, I can only smile about how faithful JCStaff is regarding its ecchi scene and also I just cant questions more about their animation quality and with that OP and ED, I easily favored it as the best amongst this whole autumn season .. Mikoto’s best part will come soon and not to forget the main course of Accelerator being appointed as the 2nd main lead in Index universe ..

p/s : moar Misaka Mikoto for Saimoe 2011 !!



Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : AIC Build
Genres : comedy, slice of life
Approval : 5/5

My Little Sister Cant be This Cute, cute itself can stand for another generic word among [ not all ] anime lover, it’s MOE !! .. but it attract more hater than lover, poor Kirino .. buts, the expanding of its popularity among fan is not a joke and had more than enough comparable with Angel Beats! .. I have nothing to say for those who don’t like it but still forcing themselves watching it for the sake of anime review ..

anyhow, back to OreImo franchise, actually I’ve know about this title for quite a while before its anime adaptation been announced and ofc it’s from manga, however, even both manga and LN are teamed up, it cant boost more love on Kirino besides its steady fanbase among LN reader .. nonetheless, knowing a small portion about OreImo franchise is enough for me to liking it as long as cute or moe premise playing its part .. the prelude by far got a similar concept with Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu but this one is more intriguing, the way how its plot develop and more realistic ..

unquestionable fact that the in the early episode was totally enjoyable, just cant get enough Kousaka priceless expression finding out his sister’s top secret fetish [ err I mean hobby .. ] and one after another things happened made of pure laugh even in the serious occasion such their father found out Kirino’s hobby .. likewise, Ayana’s voice fits Kirino perfectly, it is just a matter of time before her deredere side is shown and ofc, Nakamura Yuuichi also doing a great job as Kyosuke live up the series .. color me surprise if he soon will own a set of harem, Kirino included, that is .. well there’s nothing to complain about its animation, under the name of AIC, AIC Build is up to my expectation, love its OP, sometime give a vibe like I’m playing an eroge lol ..

p/s : Kousaka Kirino for Saimoe 2011 !!

I have to get all the CGs – Kousaka Kirino

my little sister can't be this cute !!

deal with it onii-chan

unexpected get-

Yasuga no Sora [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : feel.
Genres : drama, ecchi, romance, harem
Approval : 5/5

Quite ordinary title we got here and I bet no one knows about this name a month ago other than its VN reader and for those who are keep an eye one the upcoming series for their favorite genre, harem .. I believe Yosuga no Sora begin to create its reputation under the theme of twincest which are obviously shown or hinted in the very first episode, more precisely in its OP ..

likewise, it’s very rare for VN adaptation getting attention unless a certain event were triggered and by far, after 3 episodes has been aired, many already claims that this series have probability for getting a ‘nice boat’ ending based on how Haruka already lay his hand on the girls beside the star of the series, Sora .. at any case, it has been cleared up in episode 4 that this one is a bit akin to Amagami where every girls get their own arc and even with only 12 episodes available [ I got a feeling this kind of idea will become a trend for any VN adaptation in the future ], the pace of story progression by far is greatly done, Haruka for sure is gonna spend his time for 2 episodes per girl, ofc the characters development divided fairly, save last for the best, that Sora’s is the last one ..

in other note, the lifespan of the stories has been decreased due to an extra omake that’s hardly related to the main plot, it’s kinda unnecessary but plus one for nipplez get !! aside, animation and background setting above average, it’s feel.’s work again certainly not a halfhearted one, but showing a sex scene is a bit daring, no [ i-it’s not lie I hate it !! ] .. and I love its characters design more than its original from VN, it may be a bit generic but those that made Sora more cute and more moe !! [ ♥ ] it’s unarguable anymore that she is one of the moe imouto in this autumn !!

p/s : Kasugano Sora for Saimoe 2011 !!

twincest get-

1 route cleared

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Star Driver : Kagayaki no Takuto [Quick Impression]

Anime Production : BONES
Genres : action, mecha
Approval : 4/5


I must say that BONES and their weird mecha design cant be separated, Star Driver is another living proof after their previous work, Heroman [ well, I dropped it ] .. for me, mecha design is not the matter of why I’m watching mecha series but the path if it plot will go, Star Driver might be another hero centric franchise like Heroman [ overatted due to Stan Lee ] however the vibes of both show is completely in a different level ..

from what I’ve seen in the first 3 episodes, I find that the story is very promising, the Cybodies, 4 maidens and their sealed marks, an unknown dark organization, also the secrecy clouding around Takuto and the origin of his power .. nonetheless, the weekly climax moment may be a bit repetitive filled with the battle between the Cybodies, but I tend to like its BGM, Sakana-chan’s song and also the remarkable battle scene afterward especially in episode 3 I need to pinpoint here where the mecha and their fighting scene, its art plus animation style is completely similar to Gainax ‘s TTGL ..

normally BONES animation trademark doesn’t really change much since Eureka 7 including their characters design but this time I’m truly impressed with it .. in addition, the original series made by BONES are always related to a deep characters development [ Xamd ] and I can expecting this will come eventually, no need to mention the obviously hinted romance and mayhaps a triangle love [ ? ] soon ..

It’s a pinch ! - Takuto

inb4 "muh drill will pierce through the heavens"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MM! [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Xebec
Genres : comedy, ecchi, romance
Approval : 4/5

The title itself gives me a weird feeling about this series, I dunno why it was named double M but I can understand though the meaning behind it .. don’t judge book by its cover, I’d say half of it were true, still, it only happened in the first episode which I found it kind of repetitive especially about the torture thingy on the main lead thus it’s hard to believe is there any direction this series will lead to, and ofc it’s far from any characters growth .. but after watching the next 2 episodes, the true color of MM! was exposed, the revelation about more detailed of every characters with their various personality complex where I’d call it unique instead of weird .. and thus make it one of the main stand point comedy of this series aside from covering Tarou masochist sickness ..

well despite of his annoying masochist sickness, he’s not a total loser, this is proven by how he stands up protecting Yuuno’s smile, and also against the root of her androphobia [ Tarou x Yuuno, approved !! ] .. one can relates Yuuno’s sickness with Inami’s [ Working! ] but the origin of it was in a different level [ including their moe level ] showing that there’s a deep character development involved and not only centered on the funny side alone ..

give a credit when its due, Xebec done it again, it’s hard to believe MM! were made by them if compared to their previous LN adaptation, LxB which is I find it kind of half assed made .. they may improved a bit but it is still to far to catch up with the likes of AIC or JCStaff .. nonetheless, the picks of the VA lineup isn’t bad too such as Jun Fukuyama and the newly raise VA star, Ayana Taketatsu [ yay ] also Saori Hayami [ Ikaros, Musubi ] who are playing Yuuno’s role very nicely, i didnt notice she is the former Musubi at all ..

Hyakka Ryouran : Samurai Girls [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : ARMS
Genres : action, comedy, ecchi, romance, fantasy, harem
Approval : 4/5

A girl fall from the sky is not new situation anymore in 2D world and ofc a kiss as a path to sign a contract .. I wonder why Hyakka Ryouran been treated as a ripoff of Sekirei because of that while Mahou Negima Sensei comes out with the concept more earlier ..

enough with it, Hyakka Ryouran is one of the most waited series in my list this fall due to intriguing concept which is my favorite, yup it’s a transgender, similar with Koihime Musou franchise but this time it apply to the warrior in Sengoku Era .. Most notable is Yukimura Sanada who turned out to be a loli and along with Rie Kugimiya’s voice, she become one of HR main attraction aside from Jubei who have 2 personality which is one of it are obviously another moe imouto [ fffff- ], with Aoi Yuuki as her VA, her moe level is over 9000 !! .. that aside, Muneakira’s voice is the only problem here, Daisuke Hirakawa really doesn’t fit the role well and thus it gives an awkward feeling watching a certain scene ..

I cant say much about its plot, but so far characters introduction and development fairly builds up .. regarding its animation, ARMS really executed a new kind of animation style thar which is signify to Japanese classic art style besides its characters has been moe-lization thus it suitable in this era .. however, at the certain scene, the spilled ink might be a bit too much, I can understand for the censored one though it may scored more point from that .. well I hope they’ll fix it later when they’re gonna release the BD, nonetheless I found out recently that even AT-X is not the uncensored one like everyone expected ..

Friday, October 22, 2010

The World God Only Knows [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Manglobe
Genres : comedy, romance, fantasy, harem
Approval : 4.5/5

I tend to like TWGOK manga since its first chapter, the concept is pure fresh and ofc it can be counts up into likeable series in my list .. to make it brief, Keima, the proven ‘Capturing God’ mistakenly signing a contract with devil to make a certain real girl who has been possessed fall for him .. this is an absolute disgraceful for a 2D lover, and ofc it’s hard for him to accept the job, but it’s not impossible either by applying what he has been through in dating sim game he previously played therefore he already conquered more than 10000 routes of it ..

Now 3 episodes has passed, I’m entirely satisfied with it, first-class animation although they tried to make it closer to the original design [ manga ] especially its characters but I must say that they already topped it, Elsea looks more cuter and together with Kanae Itou’s voice, BMW fulfilled !! yes, one more moe imouto was born, actually I didn’t see her this way in manga but what Manglobe has done to Elsea are beyond my expectation, great job thar .. besides, regarding Keima’s VA, I see there’s a lot of complain about it and more of them prefer Jun Fukuyama more, I thought the same too at first before watching the first episode but afterward it doesn’t matter anymore, Hiro Shimono playing Keima role isn’t half bad, I say it’s impressive that his voice fits well ..

On side note, second season has been announced IIRC after episode 1 been aired .. another nice move from production team to avoid any filler, the OP itself hinted there’s gonna be 4 routes in this season while more routes [ manga based on ] will come later in sequel and almost certainly after and after and after that [ fuck ! I cant wait for the goddess arc to come and Hakua !! ] ..

p/s: Hakua is the only tsundere in TWGOK period ..

I can see the ending ! – Katsuragi Keima

moe imouto get

easy route completed

Motto To Love-Ru [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Xebec
Genres : comedy, ecchi, harem, sci-fi, romance
Approval : 4.5/5


It is foreseeable that this second season is gonna come sooner or latter after Xebec leap back by releasing 6 episodes of TLR OVA .. well I’m not gonna hate the first season if not because of they crammed it with fillers plus Xebec are infamous by screwing any anime adaptation back then .. anyway, for few episodes I’ve seen, they’re doing it well by mixing up several chapters of its manga into one episode [ same case as SnO Forte ] also with a fine pace .. all characters has been re-designed and I find it a lot more cuter than before [ but ofc it still cant top Yabuki-sensei’s ] , refined made animation thus one can tell it’s Xebec trademark these day ..

I just feel so refreshing to see TLR’s girls on the screen again and it’s quite obvious Motto TLR will cover the rest of its manga from wherever it has been left out in the first season + OVA .. anyhow, Momo [ ♥ ] and Nana in moving picture is not new anymore since they already make their debuts in OVA but Celine in human form ? I just cant compromise it, they skip the important arc which are my favorite and there’s more interaction between Rito and Lala in it, obviously the most preferred pairing I’m rooting for .. one more thing I need to touch is about Motto TLR’s OP and ED, actually I’m surprised because it looks like ordinary anime OP ED, what I mean is, no pantsu shot, no swimsuit, no sexy pose [ fffff- blasphemy !! ] etc that can be considered as an ecchi series ..

I-I hate ecchi people ! - Konjiki no Yami

moar Yui and Yami ~ ♥

delicious get-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fortune Arterial : Akai Yakusoku [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : feel., ZEXCS
Genres : comedy, fantasy, romance, harem
Approval : 4.5/5


The title is not new for me who has been playing its VN for quite time ago and pretty well knowing the mysteries clouding around the characters .. first of all, it just rare for a VN adaptation nowadays to gain high reputation among the watcher apart from KEY’s product which is it’s promising an absolute touching or tearjerking moment .. and thus FA will be treated as a typical VN adaptation which are usually provide a lot of fanservices together with a second class plot .. regardless, FA got interesting plot, it’s the matter of how its anime production gonna visualize it on the screen, well I don’t have a doubt on feel. teamed up with ZEXCS though, maybe because feel. have done a great job on their previous works [ Da Capo series ], and now crossing my fingers and just expecting something grand piece from them ..

So far in the first 2 episodes, I’d say they’re on track, a decent start along with flawless animation, very detailed characters design quite close with VN’s and even I were impressed with it, background are beautifully constructed and feeling is alright .. and more importantly, I’ll give an extra plus point for keeping background music from its VN .. OP, I don’t know what to say but honestly I prefer VN’s more and ofc, the ED will gives you high blood pressure blows out of your nose .. tsundere, kuudere, osananajimi come with set of deredere and happy-go-lucky type, and lastly, one’s harem are not completed without loli .. now it’s a full package, time to gottca em all !!

Kouhei : Are they real ?
Erika : Of course they are !!


carnivorous glares..

K-ON!! Treble Haul


The period of all 3 moe tournaments of 2010 has ended, to be honest I’m quite shocked of all final result, my prediction is all off mark .. Nakano Azusa triumph in J-Saimoe while Akiyama Mio with her double hauls from both ISML and K-Bestmoe, what’s more, both of them obviously is under the same title, K-ON!! .. well it’s not like they’re not well-liked but since they’re unable from getting any title last year makes me overlook them ..


seriously I’m very disappointed that Mikoto loss in ISML plus with a hugh margin on top of that .. same case for Kanade, my most favorite candidates to win the title, and even the infamous Bakemonogatari’s duo, Hitagi and Nadeko, failed in progress .. Mio double get hits me with a déjà vu feeling as Taiga owns it last year, somehow make me pissed off .. well at least Azusa were able to denied Mio from getting a treble, I’d pick Azusa over Mio anyday !!

2011 ? only one name in my mind right now, Kousaka Kirino .. ahh yes Kanade has yet to make her debut in ISML ..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sora no Otoshimono : Forte [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : AIC ASTA
Genres : comedy, ecchi, harem, romance, sci-fi, action
Approval : 4.5/5


One of the most waited anime this fall. Since it’s a sequel, nothing much can I say further about it .. well the plot is follow up from the last season where tragic incident happened to Nymph thus it making her officially joins into Tomoki’s harem .. and this time Astraea was introduced, she is no other than the blondies + nice body + baka angeloid, one of Forte’s main attraction and ofc she’s my favorite angeloid besides Hiyori [ gotta love her more if she make her debut in Forte though it’s unlikely ] .. Fukuhara Kaori [ Tsukasa, Korormo ] as her VA fit very well ..

the fun not stop there, 1st episode's OP featuring Tomoki himself offers a pure lol-tastic as hell, and ofc new OP starting in the next episode from the scene, Forte promising many event that were taken directly from manga despite it’s not 100% faithful adaptation, and for the likes of me who are from the anti-filler division, it’s still likeable after 3 episode I’ve seen .. a-and .. well actually I don’t want to spoil more but I just cant resist after seeing Chaos’s silhouette at OP scene who is undoubtedly gonna be the final boss in Forte ! .. aside from that, animation wise, one can judge animation quality by only watching its OP [ unfortunately this is not apply to all anime ] and under the name of AIC, AIC ASTA got a full credit by doing an remarkable job in this moe-luscious series ..

"You're just a bug ! stop glaring at me ! I'm still not ripe.." - Nymph

DON DON ~ [ insert awesome backgroundmusic here ]


Sunday, August 8, 2010

To Love-Ru Manga Are Back !!


i r back for the sake to posting this one, it has been revealed around last week about Yabuki Kentaro and Hasemi Saki's To Love-Ru manga comeback and it's a spin-off on top of that.. base on the single page can tells that the main heroin might be the Deviluke twin, Momo and Nana.. AND with no doubt, IT'S YAMI !!! few month apart b4 the 2nd season airing, now this ! i need to hold on to my seat belt for now and not get too carried away by the excitement of the moment xD

just in case, Motto To Love-Ru trailer..

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ : OP & ED

even busy with World Cup, i just cant ignore this- the most wanted anime in this summer for me- pre-release episode has been aired yesterday together with new opening and ending for the new season that the real one will premiered for the next 3 weeks... pretty much the OP hinted most of stuff that's gonna occur especially Kagari/Homura get winged event and the first Disciplinary Squad action at begining is totally owned... fine song for both OP and ED, so Sekirei-like (recalling 1st season and PS2 theme song)... furthermore- just cant get enough of Tsukiumi at ED !! twintail + swimsuit = total win !!

Opening Theme: Hakuyoku no Seiyaku ~Pure Engagement~ (白翼ノ誓約 ~Pure Engagement~)
Artists: Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa and Aya Endo

Ending Theme: Onnaji Kimochi (おんなじきもち)
Artists: Saori Hayami, Marina Inoue, Kana Hanazawa and Aya Endo

p/s: Sekirei need moar love on doujin + fanart ~

Friday, June 11, 2010

Word Cup 2010 South Africa



finally it's here !! i've been waiting for this, once in 4 years surely it's the biggest sport event ever... despite i'm a football fan myself, i couldn't watch all matches but i'm definitely not gonna missed these 5 teams play, Spain, England, Italy, Netherlands and Germany which are my favorite to lift the cup :D

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia : Revision


Developers : OVERDRIVE
Platforms : Windows
Types : Visual Novel

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia is a direct continuation of Edelweiss's bad / girlfriendless ending but this time only 2 options been offered- no other than Sakura and Rin's path, it can be choose at the beginning... additionally, they keep 'Ashberry' as its OP but this time it was sung by UR@N instead of NANA which is give it more energetic atmosphere and good impression to the series, but most of its bgm remains same as Edelweiss...

Sakura's arc : as the 2nd terms start, Kazushi and Sakura are in a good relationship, however Kazushi didn't really treats Sakura as a candidate to be his romantic partner because of her nature who are into girls and thus give the impression that she are lesbian- this fiction irritates her much eventually challenges him to makes him fall for her- as Sakura tries all she might, showing girly side of her to him, Kazushi denied it sturdily- yet deep inside both of them, love blooms... Sakura's arc is quite simple compared to others, less unrealistic stuff involved, no dramatic event occur and more into ordinary school life love story- but that makes it more interesting among all 7 arcs, more interaction between the two- Sakura is the best!

what can i say- xD

Rin's arc : Just when the 2nd terms is about to start, Rin have a wet dream, her and Kazushi, she wondered why though the reason is clear... later Kazushi being chosen as a class representative, to be more close to him, Rin volunteer herself as a vise class representative... afterward an incident happened makes Kazushi lost his dick [sure, i'm wtf big time with this] but 'it' has been replaced with an unknown talking being named Poko and later been found out by Rin... well what i expect is something more alluring relationship between those 2, yes i got it but Poko existence somewhat make it the ridiculous plot flow ever of all 7 arcs, seriously... imagine how a timid innocent girl like Rin also ranking no.1 the most wanted bride in the school talking to Kazushi's dick all the time... this is so wrong-

need assistance? xP

3rd path : this choice will be unlocked once you have completed both Sakura and Rin's arc... just a short story, it starts with Kazushi, Sakura and Rin looking out for mushroom in the forest- they intend bring it back but later decide to try it first- given that those mushroom are not poisoned, it gives a differ outcome, having delusions but still sane [in my point of view] ... and what i got- FUNKEN AWESOME THREESOME !! as the mushroom's effect fade, Kazushi confess his feeling and they going out together, yes Kazushi-Sakura-Rin, no clash, harem ending- Kazushi you lucky bastard !!

nice suggestion thar Sakura-

fact that Sakura and Rin topped Edelweiss's original heroin resulting this sequel, and what funny is- Haruka are totally been ignored and left behind by Kazushi in Rin's story but her ignorance still exist... btw there's also a quite frightening scene in Sakura's story that will make you goosebumps... the 3+1 stooges are still the same like usual... overall, ofc i'm very pleased with this sequel- Sakura's arc are finest and the best, Rin's arc might be out of track a bit but the 3rd ending filled that hole completely :D

ISML 2010 Sapphire Necklace Winner : Shana


ISML 2010 official site:

Flame Haze trashing Railgun, truth is really hurt since i’m Mikoto supporter... besides, Shana is the only one so far who manage to defend last year necklace titles, even though Shana and Sapphire doesn’t match at all... i'm a bit late for this btw congratz to her and it is time for Emerald Period challenges :3

Aquamarine Necklace: Akiyama Mio
Topaz Necklace: Aisaka Taiga
Amethyst Necklace: Nagato Yuki

Monday, June 7, 2010

Edelweiss : Revision


Developers : OVERDRIVE
Platforms : Windows
Types : Visual Novel, Dating Sim

it takes me a whole week to finished this visual novel, firstly i picked it out of curiosity and with english translation available, it's not a bad gamble i guess... the story started with a bunch of perverted loser a.k.a. 4 stooges (including main protagonist) who are on the way to unique island- transferring into all girl school- it seems somewhat similar with Green Green, well more or less... first impression they looks like troublesome idiots, however the existence of protagonist's friend essentially made for a pure laugh, seriously entertaining- so i cant say they aren't unnecessary for the sake of comedy, well not until the plot are split up into one of those 5 routes...

the plot is somewhat interesting but it the characters that make this eroge great and hilarious... instead of magic, they're using alchemy element in this series to play crucial roles for plot progression and dramatic event that will makes you totally dumbstruck at the moment and ofc tearjerking- well not actually in par with Key's but still touching...

Haruka, Mizuki, Ran, Natsume and Mei respectively

Haruka’s arc : Haruka never met any boy at her age until Kazushi come across- that made her ignorant about boy stuff including love and sex... for this route it looks fairly simple for innocent couple development until a certain point, incident happened resulting Haruka lost her life [this is so unexpected] and Kazushi desperately into alchemist stuff to revive her-

Haruka... u_u

Mizuki’s arc : Mizuki is obviously tsundere minus the physical assaults who love swimming... her affection towards Kazushi start when he accidentally found her naked at shore- yet he mistaking her as a mermaid... unpleasant incident happen made Mizuki’s leg paralyze for the rest of her life-

Natsume’s arc : there’s a bit twist in Natsume’s arc and i find myself lost at certain point... to make it simple, she consume a philosopher stone on her way to searching for her farther in Eiden island, this eventually make her lost control- to avoid any bad incident shes been sealed but at the same time she created her own clone and stroll around the school thus she and Kazushi met-

Ran’s arc : Ran is overly obsess with money, she will charges you despite you are her boyfriend even having a sex- this sometimes make Kazushi doubting her love for him but she herself admit that she only doing it because it was him [wtf?], unlike the other arc, there's no huge tragedy happened, she just sluting herself around Kazushi and later need to choose between money of Kazushi's life-

Mei’s arc : she is a kind and hot looking teacher in the school, thus make her are perfect in everything- but behind this fact she is a homunculus created 3 years ago replaced the real Mei Ibuki who are died in accident... learning what love is- makes her body initially changing, hence it will ruins herself which is cost her life- i must say Mei's arc are the best storytelling among all 5 routes...

Bad end : this come from avoiding all girls selection- Kazushi become more desperate to losing his virginity and make decision to become a gay [lolwut]... well he's not really turn out to be one after being consults by his teacher, it end for him be a girlfriendless, that all...

overall, this is very fine eroge, with beautiful CG and nice character design despite lack of posing unlike these day, the seiyuu are fitting well too and currently i'm addicted to it's opening song, Ashberry... although i cant really score 10 but 9/10 already fair enough... i think that if you like comedy more this one wont astound you but it will deliver more than enough to keep you reading more...

spotlight more into Rin and Sakura

Addition note : from start to finish of all arc and story progression, i was thinking why in the heck Sakura and Rin didn't have their own arc !? for me, their charming and characteristic somehow greater than the main girls- Sakura happy-go-lucky feature and Rin as a timid girl, this aspect is surely required in any kind of eroge/harem- sure they are only supporting characters but later i found out that their popularity topped the main girls [i'm not alone] and get their justice for the sequel of Edelweiss, Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia (EEF) which are centered around those two- i was in the middle of Ran’s arc when i learn about this, since than i'm restraining myself to completed Edelweiss first b4 EEF...

p/s: and finally i can start EEF with ease ~

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