Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sora no Otoshimono : Forte [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : AIC ASTA
Genres : comedy, ecchi, harem, romance, sci-fi, action
Approval : 4.5/5


One of the most waited anime this fall. Since it’s a sequel, nothing much can I say further about it .. well the plot is follow up from the last season where tragic incident happened to Nymph thus it making her officially joins into Tomoki’s harem .. and this time Astraea was introduced, she is no other than the blondies + nice body + baka angeloid, one of Forte’s main attraction and ofc she’s my favorite angeloid besides Hiyori [ gotta love her more if she make her debut in Forte though it’s unlikely ] .. Fukuhara Kaori [ Tsukasa, Korormo ] as her VA fit very well ..

the fun not stop there, 1st episode's OP featuring Tomoki himself offers a pure lol-tastic as hell, and ofc new OP starting in the next episode from the scene, Forte promising many event that were taken directly from manga despite it’s not 100% faithful adaptation, and for the likes of me who are from the anti-filler division, it’s still likeable after 3 episode I’ve seen .. a-and .. well actually I don’t want to spoil more but I just cant resist after seeing Chaos’s silhouette at OP scene who is undoubtedly gonna be the final boss in Forte ! .. aside from that, animation wise, one can judge animation quality by only watching its OP [ unfortunately this is not apply to all anime ] and under the name of AIC, AIC ASTA got a full credit by doing an remarkable job in this moe-luscious series ..

"You're just a bug ! stop glaring at me ! I'm still not ripe.." - Nymph

DON DON ~ [ insert awesome backgroundmusic here ]


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