Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : J.C. Staff
Genres : action, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, romance, ecchi
Approval : 5/5


It’s unarguable anymore that IndexS2 was the most anticipated anime series this whole season .. Touma and his harem is back with a lot of promising arcs ! before I go further, firstly I’ve see there’s a small issue about which one’s better between the main stories, Index and its infamous spin-off, Railgun .. IMO it doesn’t matter which one’s superior because both have its own appeal, if not, Index LN vol. 22 wont topped the other which has been sold over 10k copies in first week it released, and Railgun, well it got its own fans after the anime been aired [ heck, I bet no one knows about Railgun manga after Index anime been aired ] .. anyway I guess the reason 1st season of Index are unlikable because they ends it in the wrong time thus leave an un-satisfaction feeling ..

as for me, after it end I close myself with its LN and find out that all those 24 episodes is nothing but a prelude to Index universe which is dividing it into several arc and mostly keen on characters depth and development [ Mikoto, Accelerator, Hyouka ] which are gonna play a vital role in upcoming event .. Railgun is otherwise, it can goes on over and over by the name of filler since it only resolved around Mikoto in her daily life [ yet it still hasn’t touch the dark stories behind her a.k.a. Imouto Arc ] .. compared to Index, there’s too many things need to cover, for instance, magic side which are divided into a number of faction, and even Academy City have its dark side .. as a bonus, Railgun’s 2nd main character, Kuroko aren’t been left out totally, and I must say that her own arc in Index are much thoughtful than her development in Railgun .. less action more talk ? what can be expected, this is Index, theories is always over an action anytime, Touma cant just break through and touching his foe just like that because it is more like a mind game than a street brawl .. heck even Accelerator get beaten into pulp by non ESPer other than Touma ..

enough with overture, once I start to writing, I cant stop myself .. back to IndexS2, the 1st episode practically just a small arc that were left out in IndexS1 and the real deal start at episode 2, note that this is the starting point of Touma’s conflict with Roman Catholic Church consequently will drag out to the World War 3 event in the future .. what is more, I can only smile about how faithful JCStaff is regarding its ecchi scene and also I just cant questions more about their animation quality and with that OP and ED, I easily favored it as the best amongst this whole autumn season .. Mikoto’s best part will come soon and not to forget the main course of Accelerator being appointed as the 2nd main lead in Index universe ..

p/s : moar Misaka Mikoto for Saimoe 2011 !!



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