Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yasuga no Sora [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : feel.
Genres : drama, ecchi, romance, harem
Approval : 5/5

Quite ordinary title we got here and I bet no one knows about this name a month ago other than its VN reader and for those who are keep an eye one the upcoming series for their favorite genre, harem .. I believe Yosuga no Sora begin to create its reputation under the theme of twincest which are obviously shown or hinted in the very first episode, more precisely in its OP ..

likewise, it’s very rare for VN adaptation getting attention unless a certain event were triggered and by far, after 3 episodes has been aired, many already claims that this series have probability for getting a ‘nice boat’ ending based on how Haruka already lay his hand on the girls beside the star of the series, Sora .. at any case, it has been cleared up in episode 4 that this one is a bit akin to Amagami where every girls get their own arc and even with only 12 episodes available [ I got a feeling this kind of idea will become a trend for any VN adaptation in the future ], the pace of story progression by far is greatly done, Haruka for sure is gonna spend his time for 2 episodes per girl, ofc the characters development divided fairly, save last for the best, that Sora’s is the last one ..

in other note, the lifespan of the stories has been decreased due to an extra omake that’s hardly related to the main plot, it’s kinda unnecessary but plus one for nipplez get !! aside, animation and background setting above average, it’s feel.’s work again certainly not a halfhearted one, but showing a sex scene is a bit daring, no [ i-it’s not lie I hate it !! ] .. and I love its characters design more than its original from VN, it may be a bit generic but those that made Sora more cute and more moe !! [ ♥ ] it’s unarguable anymore that she is one of the moe imouto in this autumn !!

p/s : Kasugano Sora for Saimoe 2011 !!

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SilentSerenata said...

I actually gave this series a shot because I was curious about how they were going to approach the twincest. Fraternal twincest to be exact.


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