Saturday, October 23, 2010

MM! [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Xebec
Genres : comedy, ecchi, romance
Approval : 4/5

The title itself gives me a weird feeling about this series, I dunno why it was named double M but I can understand though the meaning behind it .. don’t judge book by its cover, I’d say half of it were true, still, it only happened in the first episode which I found it kind of repetitive especially about the torture thingy on the main lead thus it’s hard to believe is there any direction this series will lead to, and ofc it’s far from any characters growth .. but after watching the next 2 episodes, the true color of MM! was exposed, the revelation about more detailed of every characters with their various personality complex where I’d call it unique instead of weird .. and thus make it one of the main stand point comedy of this series aside from covering Tarou masochist sickness ..

well despite of his annoying masochist sickness, he’s not a total loser, this is proven by how he stands up protecting Yuuno’s smile, and also against the root of her androphobia [ Tarou x Yuuno, approved !! ] .. one can relates Yuuno’s sickness with Inami’s [ Working! ] but the origin of it was in a different level [ including their moe level ] showing that there’s a deep character development involved and not only centered on the funny side alone ..

give a credit when its due, Xebec done it again, it’s hard to believe MM! were made by them if compared to their previous LN adaptation, LxB which is I find it kind of half assed made .. they may improved a bit but it is still to far to catch up with the likes of AIC or JCStaff .. nonetheless, the picks of the VA lineup isn’t bad too such as Jun Fukuyama and the newly raise VA star, Ayana Taketatsu [ yay ] also Saori Hayami [ Ikaros, Musubi ] who are playing Yuuno’s role very nicely, i didnt notice she is the former Musubi at all ..

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