Friday, October 22, 2010

The World God Only Knows [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Manglobe
Genres : comedy, romance, fantasy, harem
Approval : 4.5/5

I tend to like TWGOK manga since its first chapter, the concept is pure fresh and ofc it can be counts up into likeable series in my list .. to make it brief, Keima, the proven ‘Capturing God’ mistakenly signing a contract with devil to make a certain real girl who has been possessed fall for him .. this is an absolute disgraceful for a 2D lover, and ofc it’s hard for him to accept the job, but it’s not impossible either by applying what he has been through in dating sim game he previously played therefore he already conquered more than 10000 routes of it ..

Now 3 episodes has passed, I’m entirely satisfied with it, first-class animation although they tried to make it closer to the original design [ manga ] especially its characters but I must say that they already topped it, Elsea looks more cuter and together with Kanae Itou’s voice, BMW fulfilled !! yes, one more moe imouto was born, actually I didn’t see her this way in manga but what Manglobe has done to Elsea are beyond my expectation, great job thar .. besides, regarding Keima’s VA, I see there’s a lot of complain about it and more of them prefer Jun Fukuyama more, I thought the same too at first before watching the first episode but afterward it doesn’t matter anymore, Hiro Shimono playing Keima role isn’t half bad, I say it’s impressive that his voice fits well ..

On side note, second season has been announced IIRC after episode 1 been aired .. another nice move from production team to avoid any filler, the OP itself hinted there’s gonna be 4 routes in this season while more routes [ manga based on ] will come later in sequel and almost certainly after and after and after that [ fuck ! I cant wait for the goddess arc to come and Hakua !! ] ..

p/s: Hakua is the only tsundere in TWGOK period ..

I can see the ending ! – Katsuragi Keima

moe imouto get

easy route completed

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