Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : AIC Build
Genres : comedy, slice of life
Approval : 5/5

My Little Sister Cant be This Cute, cute itself can stand for another generic word among [ not all ] anime lover, it’s MOE !! .. but it attract more hater than lover, poor Kirino .. buts, the expanding of its popularity among fan is not a joke and had more than enough comparable with Angel Beats! .. I have nothing to say for those who don’t like it but still forcing themselves watching it for the sake of anime review ..

anyhow, back to OreImo franchise, actually I’ve know about this title for quite a while before its anime adaptation been announced and ofc it’s from manga, however, even both manga and LN are teamed up, it cant boost more love on Kirino besides its steady fanbase among LN reader .. nonetheless, knowing a small portion about OreImo franchise is enough for me to liking it as long as cute or moe premise playing its part .. the prelude by far got a similar concept with Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu but this one is more intriguing, the way how its plot develop and more realistic ..

unquestionable fact that the in the early episode was totally enjoyable, just cant get enough Kousaka priceless expression finding out his sister’s top secret fetish [ err I mean hobby .. ] and one after another things happened made of pure laugh even in the serious occasion such their father found out Kirino’s hobby .. likewise, Ayana’s voice fits Kirino perfectly, it is just a matter of time before her deredere side is shown and ofc, Nakamura Yuuichi also doing a great job as Kyosuke live up the series .. color me surprise if he soon will own a set of harem, Kirino included, that is .. well there’s nothing to complain about its animation, under the name of AIC, AIC Build is up to my expectation, love its OP, sometime give a vibe like I’m playing an eroge lol ..

p/s : Kousaka Kirino for Saimoe 2011 !!

I have to get all the CGs – Kousaka Kirino

my little sister can't be this cute !!

deal with it onii-chan

unexpected get-

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