Friday, October 22, 2010

Motto To Love-Ru [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : Xebec
Genres : comedy, ecchi, harem, sci-fi, romance
Approval : 4.5/5


It is foreseeable that this second season is gonna come sooner or latter after Xebec leap back by releasing 6 episodes of TLR OVA .. well I’m not gonna hate the first season if not because of they crammed it with fillers plus Xebec are infamous by screwing any anime adaptation back then .. anyway, for few episodes I’ve seen, they’re doing it well by mixing up several chapters of its manga into one episode [ same case as SnO Forte ] also with a fine pace .. all characters has been re-designed and I find it a lot more cuter than before [ but ofc it still cant top Yabuki-sensei’s ] , refined made animation thus one can tell it’s Xebec trademark these day ..

I just feel so refreshing to see TLR’s girls on the screen again and it’s quite obvious Motto TLR will cover the rest of its manga from wherever it has been left out in the first season + OVA .. anyhow, Momo [ ♥ ] and Nana in moving picture is not new anymore since they already make their debuts in OVA but Celine in human form ? I just cant compromise it, they skip the important arc which are my favorite and there’s more interaction between Rito and Lala in it, obviously the most preferred pairing I’m rooting for .. one more thing I need to touch is about Motto TLR’s OP and ED, actually I’m surprised because it looks like ordinary anime OP ED, what I mean is, no pantsu shot, no swimsuit, no sexy pose [ fffff- blasphemy !! ] etc that can be considered as an ecchi series ..

I-I hate ecchi people ! - Konjiki no Yami

moar Yui and Yami ~ ♥

delicious get-

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