Tuesday, October 19, 2010

K-ON!! Treble Haul


The period of all 3 moe tournaments of 2010 has ended, to be honest I’m quite shocked of all final result, my prediction is all off mark .. Nakano Azusa triumph in J-Saimoe while Akiyama Mio with her double hauls from both ISML and K-Bestmoe, what’s more, both of them obviously is under the same title, K-ON!! .. well it’s not like they’re not well-liked but since they’re unable from getting any title last year makes me overlook them ..


seriously I’m very disappointed that Mikoto loss in ISML plus with a hugh margin on top of that .. same case for Kanade, my most favorite candidates to win the title, and even the infamous Bakemonogatari’s duo, Hitagi and Nadeko, failed in progress .. Mio double get hits me with a déjà vu feeling as Taiga owns it last year, somehow make me pissed off .. well at least Azusa were able to denied Mio from getting a treble, I’d pick Azusa over Mio anyday !!

2011 ? only one name in my mind right now, Kousaka Kirino .. ahh yes Kanade has yet to make her debut in ISML ..

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