Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gurren Lagann School ver: Chapter 6 [end]

it's end already?!! DESPAIR! eventhough it is happy ending XD

reveal that dark Nia is deredere XD

compete between both personality XD

Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku: Chapter 11

yes! a confession desu XD ... perhaps not, duh, he should said 'i love u' instead D: ...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toradora!: Final thought


with 25 episodes, it's worth to be watched... same kind with another 2 light novel adaptation, Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima, and also with same seiyuu which is formed another one Rie's characters as well... through the wise story development by pin pointing friendship and family, it going well along with characters progress... not to forget with the mass of common-slice-of-life events which is comprised hilarious scene and yet entertaining... romance comes later yet the hint is obviously shown :3


Ryuuji Takasu
firstly his attitude is respectable, conveniently controlling any circumstances surround him, but then become frustrating when nearly end, with his half-ass feelings plus lack of romance experience... dense is obviously a perfect words to describe it, at least he show some guts to being independent but disrespect his own mother is no-no...


Taiga Aisaka
self-arrogance and show her all and supremacy towards the people not close to her, yet highly obsess towards the love one but at the same time shown over-timid-ness... with time, her character constantly evolve and mature plus even realize her true love towards Ryuuji...


Minori Kushieda
quite rare yet funny attitude has been shown along with happy-go-lucky style, it's incomprehensible to judge her feeling... later show an affection towards the-obviously-u-know-who but the loyalty for the friendship overcomes everything and even it hurts herself...


Ami Kawashima
a beauty with devilish manner, nevertheless she hide it and put an innocent mask... eventually the mask crushed by 'friendship' and vanish with a flow of time... quite sharp realizing the situation nonetheless just become an indirect adviser... desired to be loved by the one who recognize the real herself...


Yūsaku Kitamura
his brain kinda same wavelength with Minorin and always shown his poker face either he get the real situation or just play dumb about it... nevertheless, he constantly playing an interesting role yet comical... showing his naked body might be his hobby lol

with just looking at the title, the ending is expected indeed even it might hurts the one who are in losing side... but the ending is rather a nice one compare to another foursome love series, Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ or Ichigo 100%...

and now, Toradora! close the curtain and i cant see any hint about the sequel with every crisis has been settled... 9.2/10 and the loosing point should be due to it's plain animation and arts... it would be nice if they work on this series like To Aru Majutsu no Index where we can tell the different when it comes about animation qualities :3

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 142

as expected, since it has been told that this one should be Yui's chapter... even so, it is totally awesome over 9000!!! walking around with no panties and Rito saw it too, dam that bastart! what a wasted, he forget that at the end D:
Photobucket naked ass ftw! XD
Photobucket dam fcking censored D:

Sekirei OVA: Kuu-chan's charm

this short ova is nice indeed, Kuu-chan run an errand compete with Tsukiumi and Musubi to become legal Minato's waifu XD ... but both Tsukiumi and Musubi just cant leave her alone and lend some various-undercover-help yet hilarious lol

totally wrong! Tsukiumi supposed to flip her skirt in this condition which is panty flash style fit her more XDDD

cant get enuff!!! do want more Tsukiumi!

9.9/10!!! an obvious one for me, uncensored is win hard for heavy-nosebleedz-awesomeness!!! and where is my sequel?!!! DX

Ashita no Kimi to au Tame ni: Completed

just finished this eroge recently... due to my pack schedule, it has been delayed many time to completed the whole 6 route... it rather a nice one which is been released around the period of AG3 but yet didnt shine well that times... nice arts, splendid animated setting and a set of harem approximately should be around lvl 55 in haremastery ;D with quite decent plot for a common harem type along with mystery event occur for a certain route which is shown a similarity to Da Capo series... with a nice animation OP, it leaves a good impression and an urge to try this eroge is high lol... along with this, a bit of eyecandy for a pleasure mind :3
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index: Closing impression


finished watching this series recently... majority of the episodes, it does impress me with some epic battle scene and amount of lolis leisure activity, not to forget the so-called freaking physics theory mindrape along with magic stuff factor which is could damage my brain when i think about it deeper... the story concept truly wise with Touma become the center of not-co-existed physician and magician while trying hard to gain his own yet awesome harem with the so-called Kamijou's Faction lol... besides, its containing great BGM, both 1st and 2nd OP songs by Mami Kawada rawks and as well the 2nd ED song by IKU... which is the OP song would remind me SnS...

Kamijou's Faction (Styil exclude)


Index Librorum Prohibitorum

the roots of all crisis where cause the magic faction clash with Touma... implanted with the 103000 magical texts which is high possibility be a threat to the world, later on the Necessarius(magic faction) itself left Index in Touma cared... her knowledge about magic reach the zenith level but occasionally assist Touma because they're apart when Touma facing any skirmish and her ability only been shown in the 2nd final episode despite she can only used a bit of her true capability...


Komoe Tsukuyomi

child looks sensei or i'd say the most looking loli i ever seen lol... Komoe-sensei, beside become Touma's teacher, she also one of his acquaintance which is show a high concern toward him... parallel with Index, she is knowledgeable with physics stuff...


Misaka Mikoto

also known as 'Biri-biri' nicknamed by Touma base on her ability... unwantedly involved with lvl 6 project which is Mikoto being a host to produced a mass of her clone called the Sisters... despite being a lvl 5 highest rank of all physician, she easily get beaten by Touma...


Misaka aka No. 10032

expressionless face shown in all times, her ability actually same with Mikoto but not strong as she is... among The Sisters, no. 10032 is the closes one to Touma...


Aisa Himegami

known as a Deep Blood which is the ability to kill the vampire... saves by Touma while being used by alchemist Aureolus... not too clear as Mikoto but still shows a little affection towards Touma...


Kaori Kanzaki aka Salvere000

despite being magician, she used katana and mastered swordsmanship... a former Index guardian and be grateful to Touma for the reason that he be able saving Index before...


Hyouka Kazakiri

preserve and timid gurls... a non-human lifeform which is created by surrounding magnetic field produced by local physicians itself... not to clear about her origin but her level could be the top of all physicians... become Index's friend later and twice being saved by Touma from the golem...

9/10... the highest rates so far for the 24++ episodes category in fall series and i'd say this series more awesome than SnS, looking forward for it's second season which is Necessarius higher ranks taking a move :3

Kurogane no Linebarrels: Final intuitions


super robot with harem including in , but still it less awesome than Gainax's TTGL when it comes about defying any law of physics or the epic manliness... kinda decent plot when they trying to made it dissimilar with the original story but the battle scene is absolutely remarkable, nice job done by Gonzo comparing to Dragonaut before is a totally failure product...

while 'Hero of Justice' become Koichi's trademark by repeating those words again and again makes me bored at the same time screaming while attacking is just too immature... regardless, along with shifting to the new arc, at the same time be able to gain his harem in confusion and red-state... too bad 24 episodes wont be enough to fulfill any romance scene to develop more further and it's end with some uncleared question purposely...

among Koichi's harem, his osananajimi, Risako take the very first step whilst detecting the rivalry from Ami is high... honestly i dont like her, being annoyed all times while claiming Koichi...

Miu voiced by Aya Hirano, is the the last and the late one approaching Koichi about her feeling although the hint has been showed since the beginning... at least i like her more than Risako, less than Ami :P

unlike the others, Ami demonstrates a great advantages for her and Koichi pairing... it just that the director wont permit it to be done in the whole 24 episodes plus even the kiss scene being interrupt D:

unidentified characters with unknown mecha in the last episode still puzzled me who didnt read KnL manga ) :

7.8/10 is a fair trade for this series and if there is more eyecandy, harem and romance, i would rise it more higher indeed ;D ... alongside, OP and both 2 ED song is pleasing too especially the second ED song, Remedy by Maaya Sakamoto and can be leeching [here] :3

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International Saimoe League 2009: Aquamarine 4


clash between old and new Rie's character and both of them were base on light novel too before anime adaptation... despite that Shana already hold fairy large supporters, couldn't careless with Taiga either with the recent aired Toradora! series :3

ARENA 23: Aisaka Taiga [Shana]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 141

Momo taking a huge step into adulthood lol... she dont know to hold back doesn't she, taking full advantage in clueless Lala... to bad Rito dont have ball lol


yes, Mikan's 'brother complex' proved with her obvious reaction XD

Nana is now taking her first step into Rito's harem indeed...

looking forward for Yui's highlight next chapter... my radar said tsundere-overload detected ;D

International Saimoe League 2009: Aquamarine 3


become a classic duel for no particular reason... with a similarity body size and natural charm, quite difficult for me to decide while i can see Hina chance of winning is high, at least get beaten with a little gap :P

ARENA 01: Katsura Hinagiku [Holo]

both of them hold a huge supporter while Konata with KyoAni behind her, the winner might be obvious but still to early to decide since Shana is the only tsun-Rie-dere that would be considered strong among the other 2 last year...

ARENA 08: Izumi Konata [Shana]

Toradora clash! facing each other this early is not an excuse for Ami to lose with Taiga has many step ahead since the beginning, not to forget that even Ami got mutual fans who supporting behind her *chough*grin*chough*

ARENA 25: [Kawashima Ami] Aisaka Taiga

KyoAni's female lead clash! Nagisa in a huge advantage since Clannad AS almost closed the curtain while last year Nagisa didn't shine well unlike another Clannad candidates, this year it show some improvement... at least Haruhi got a little gain from Suzumiya Haruhi-chan... and novel too?

ARENA 30: Furukawa Nagisa [Suzumiya Haruhi]

[ BGM: CooRie - Ameagari Kimi no Moto he ]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dragonball Evolution


Random + Rant Curiosity

even though that already retune my mindset about Dragonball saga to zero, the nerve to compare this movie with the original one still exist... unfortunate or not i just spend 6 bucks only cause of super wednesday... knowing that majority of the who-already-watched reject it, i'm still desire to see first hand this so-called epic failed product...

quite far, the plot totally ruined... understand they need to shorten the long original storyline, but still, 90 minutes lifetime is totally ridiculous while many more that can be putted in... furthermore, they terminate the original character around Piccolo's arc period especially Krillin and put some unfamiliar faces...

-heroic effort to bring this saga into live-action [+1]
-what an arrogant personality Goku have here [-1]
-Goku with lustful stuff is no-no, he is innocent to begin with [-1]

-i sense no moe in Chichi and Bulma, false picked actress!!! Yamcha too [-1]
-Kame Hame Ha is so busted, it's look like fart... what a low cost CG they've used [-1]

-mess plot, Piccolo being sealed about 2000 years and how can he know Goku's oozaru form despite that he is just 18... [-1]
-thank gawd Goku origin still from outer space and saiyan race hair fix form win for lol [+1]
-Goku with no tail even though he already transform, for gawd sake, animal-form without tail is blasphemy [-1]
-at least Master Roshi's Mafuba is pleasant to see [+1]
-Dragon do appear at the end lol [+1]
-Goku changing from is not in the full moon but eclipse instead... i can tolerate that but while the dragon appear, sky didnt darken and the dragon form is barely seen from the brightness [-1]
-this is action+fighting chronicle, gimme moar action period! final battle grand+epic failed [-1]
-Piccollo's subordinate got more timescreen than him... lolwut! [-1]

10 original score, plus minus should be 5/10... last call and nuff said... i will consider to step on cinema if there is any sequel or will just wait for torrent release :3

[ BGM: Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule ]

International Saimoe League 2009: Aquamarine 2


the second match has begin and there is several showdowns leave me hard time to drop a votes :P

ARENA 02: Katsura Hinagiku [Katagiri Yūhi]

-sory Hinagiku-san, i'd go for Yuuhi this time and maybe ur's next ;D ... both burst size are quite same actually *grins*

ARENA 10: [Konjiki no Yami] Aisaka Taiga

-both of them are new timer and i'm quite aware that Taiga's Tsun-Rie-dere is absolute, more than Louise while less than Nagi... best of luck to Yami-chan~

ARENA 29: [Misaka Mikoto] Sakagami Tomoyo

-dam, i love both tsundere-ness... Mikoto is adorable and Tomoyo is elegant... being alert that Tomoyo might win this match, no she definitely will win... *drop a vote for Mikoto*

ARENA 30: Asahina Mikuru [Sawatari Makoto]

-KyoAni clash! forgive me Mikuru-san, Makoto moe-ness still visualize in my mind despite it has been 3 years since i last saw her while currently i can only imagine Mikuru by the thought of Kyon in Suzumiya Haruhi novel instead...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Canvas 3

yet another new eroge will be release this 20th, i just noticed this one coming through toshokan, Canvas 3 OP song released today lol... anyway, this one is a must for me despite i got bunch of queue for my eroge that need to complete with unfortunately occasion, exam weeks is coming next month D:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ga-Rei: Chapter 31 & 32

[ warning: spoiler ahead ]

continuous released, these 2 chapter consist the conclusion of Kyubi's/Kagura's arc and Kensuke's impressive determination save the day... well, it's kinda expected though and Kagura wont die just like that plus Kensuke new technique is awesome, cut through the dimension :D

along with that, the moth-man, he die at last... in pathetic way lol, killed by his own mother which is he tried hard to revive... i rejoice!!!

yes!!! this is what i'm waiting for, more romance desu~ extreme anxiety for Kensuke if Kagura didnt remember this moment when she woke-up lol

the rumors is true then, since i dont read raw, Yomi is more likely being revived by Kagura under her unconscious with Kyuubi's power... but her appearance change a little indeed :3 ... i wonder if Yomi, sooner or later will attract to Kensuke like Shizune do ;D

[ BGM: Yousei Teikoku - Tamakui (Sesshouseki Image) ]

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