Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Rant: nothing special acttually


sharing is a crime? yeah right and who cares btw... if it does, then torrent should not exist to begin with, or the internet should been banned forever ahahaha D: *smack* ... well laws created by human and it is obvously fun to against it ;D *the 2nd smack come from nowhere*

anyways, K-ON! episode 9 rawks~ not becoz of it's music but the overflowing moe-ness lawl... Azusa made my day~ nyaaa~


p/s: i saw cop's Evo X today ahaha... go chases the 'mat rempit' already >3

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The second of Suzumiya Haruhi rages!


Haruhi sudden inversion truly pwnd the world... what unexpected strategy from KyoAni, while i was thinking it will be released after K-ON! end... moreover, both of them has been aired in the same days last week... SH2 is the answer of 'why an awesome series as K-ON! but too many unfamiliar voice cast', K-ON! is just a side dishes before serving the main cuisine indeed... ;3

btw, 1st episode (episode 8 obviously) was totally pleased me after more than a years gap with the 1st season, especially the appearance of loli Haruhi... but the biggest and most wanted event i want to watch in this season obviously the disappearance of Haruhi... well, i kinda know why is that coz already read it's novel... deredere Yuki and more Asakura rages lol... Haruhi in her new seifuku is nice too, long hair plus pony tails XD ... moreover, it just the beginning for Kyon to travel the time...

for a novel reader, anime is the completed set of situation that has been materialize and there is some thought of Kyon hasnt been showed in anime (1st season) and i suppose there is more... good thing it's KyoAni, which mean no fillershiet... animation still 5 stars ;P

well i'll pick SH if i've been asked which of them should i choose for KyoAni this year best anime... put Clannad -AS- aside and just include the Kyou's Chapter... also, Haruhi's empire in Saimoeleague is unshakable for sure ;D

p/s: the former god, Sasaki and the gang wont make it in this season... but in 3rd season is obvious ;D

PSP Toradora Portable! ED Single



01 Complete
02 Please Please
03 Pre-Parade (Otokojiru MAX SINGLE ver.)
04 Complete (off vocal ver.)
05 Please Please (off vocal ver.)

just got it from tokyotoshokan and for those who hate torrent... [HERE]
btw, i like 'Please Please' ;D

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prism Ark


Title: Prism Ark (プリズム・アーク) - Prism Heart 2
Production: Pajamas Soft
Storyline rates: 9.5/10
CG rates: 8.5/10
BGM rates: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

finished this eroge recently and i’m very pleased with this one in all aspect, even though that the battle system isn’t soo tempting since it has been made more or less 3 years ago, but still acceptable... want it or not, player need too completed each character’s route in order to find out and discover all secrecy within which is it isn’t include in anime version, along to obtain all prisms...


Priecia is a replacement of the Wind Land princess who is already missing during the great war in order to blinds the enemy plus even her appearance are identical to the late Wind Land queen... no matters what, her tsundere factor win hard and her confession toward Hyaweh frequently interrupted in her route make me pissed off D:


Kagura act as Priecia’s bodyguard... nothing much can elaborate form her other than dead-pan face lol...


Fel is a victim of the ‘angel’ made project and after escaping, she being taken cared by Litte and become her apprentice... the result of those project makes her be able to transform into an ‘angel’ in her route...


Karin is a fighter type instructor in school who highly believe in justice and god... despite she is bad at direction, her chivalry spirit is topless... more or less, she is an obvious tsundere too...


Theresa aka Sister Hell... quite unique character indeed, kind and caring person as Theresa and then change into heartless being, Sister Hell... she is either foe or ally who is being hated by Karin due to certain event...


Litte is an obvious loli sensei and even her personality isn’t far from an elementary school kid lol... her route is full of twist and betrayal, eventually changes side...


Filia is Hyaweh’s imouto who is not related by blood and become a meido in Wind Land school... truth to be told, she is a direct descendant of Wind Land’s ruler and Darkness Knight who his existence is a badass in earlier 6 routes has been revealed his true identity which only in Filia’s route is her father and Wind Land’s emperor... one more thing, Filia’s route is not an incest route which i mean, no love making segment and it is a pure galge-like progression... too bad ehh D;

in my knowledge about Prism Ark saga (anime), i didn’t recall anything like Filia and Darkness Knight true identity where it only go for Preicia’s route... in addition, after completing Filia’s route, i’m now bewildered which one is the real heroin, obviously finest one... Preicia or Filia...


as an alteration, i do find another version of Prism Ark in PS2, Prism Ark: Awake and it’s include a new character, the 8th candidates obviously, Ruah... plus after story edition, Prism Ark: Love2Max... guess i’ll go for Love2Max only after this ;3

Saturday, May 16, 2009

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 148

ok, enuff for the eyecandy and here we goes to the main event ;3
the 1st time appearance of those 'black cat' plus Yami reaction makes it an obvious hint... Train Heartnet more likely will step on the stage soon after Yami and Kyoko?... here come the random guess, Train in gurl version? hahaha... anything can happened in "To-Love-Ru", Riko and Celine existence proved it enough XD

BUMB!!! for no reason...


ahh~ it has been awhile since i wrote something about etc etc stuff and thanks for those who read my humbly writing ;D ... other than exam factor, lazy-ness is one of the core plus i just start working this week and that make me less time hanging-out in the internetz~

many things happened this week indeed, Man Utd become the league champions, Malaysia lost in Hockey and Badminton D: , i obviously into a social-mode in my workplace for my practical-result-sake, along with that i met Hishamudin + shake hand lawl, too bad my cellphone's battery flat that time D; ... anyways, i kinda like those not-so-really-called-a-job because most of time, i do nothing hahaha~

btw, work doesnt mean i already drop all my anime or manga or eroge... never~ ... still in progress to completed Prism Ark while Princess Lover! awaiting XD

p/s: kinda like the header picture; ReimuXReimu XD... credit to mr. chairman lawl

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