Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The second of Suzumiya Haruhi rages!


Haruhi sudden inversion truly pwnd the world... what unexpected strategy from KyoAni, while i was thinking it will be released after K-ON! end... moreover, both of them has been aired in the same days last week... SH2 is the answer of 'why an awesome series as K-ON! but too many unfamiliar voice cast', K-ON! is just a side dishes before serving the main cuisine indeed... ;3

btw, 1st episode (episode 8 obviously) was totally pleased me after more than a years gap with the 1st season, especially the appearance of loli Haruhi... but the biggest and most wanted event i want to watch in this season obviously the disappearance of Haruhi... well, i kinda know why is that coz already read it's novel... deredere Yuki and more Asakura rages lol... Haruhi in her new seifuku is nice too, long hair plus pony tails XD ... moreover, it just the beginning for Kyon to travel the time...

for a novel reader, anime is the completed set of situation that has been materialize and there is some thought of Kyon hasnt been showed in anime (1st season) and i suppose there is more... good thing it's KyoAni, which mean no fillershiet... animation still 5 stars ;P

well i'll pick SH if i've been asked which of them should i choose for KyoAni this year best anime... put Clannad -AS- aside and just include the Kyou's Chapter... also, Haruhi's empire in Saimoeleague is unshakable for sure ;D

p/s: the former god, Sasaki and the gang wont make it in this season... but in 3rd season is obvious ;D

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