Saturday, May 16, 2009

BUMB!!! for no reason...


ahh~ it has been awhile since i wrote something about etc etc stuff and thanks for those who read my humbly writing ;D ... other than exam factor, lazy-ness is one of the core plus i just start working this week and that make me less time hanging-out in the internetz~

many things happened this week indeed, Man Utd become the league champions, Malaysia lost in Hockey and Badminton D: , i obviously into a social-mode in my workplace for my practical-result-sake, along with that i met Hishamudin + shake hand lawl, too bad my cellphone's battery flat that time D; ... anyways, i kinda like those not-so-really-called-a-job because most of time, i do nothing hahaha~

btw, work doesnt mean i already drop all my anime or manga or eroge... never~ ... still in progress to completed Prism Ark while Princess Lover! awaiting XD

p/s: kinda like the header picture; ReimuXReimu XD... credit to mr. chairman lawl

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