Saturday, May 16, 2009

To-Love-Ru: Chapter 148

ok, enuff for the eyecandy and here we goes to the main event ;3
the 1st time appearance of those 'black cat' plus Yami reaction makes it an obvious hint... Train Heartnet more likely will step on the stage soon after Yami and Kyoko?... here come the random guess, Train in gurl version? hahaha... anything can happened in "To-Love-Ru", Riko and Celine existence proved it enough XD


rayneholde said...

shi- do not want a girl train.

anyway i guess this could be the black cat 2 promise kentaro yabuki sensei had told us by the end of black cat.

serious train isn't quite my cup of tea since i like the crazy happy go lucky one from before, but i must admit he looked cool in this one.

also it will be fin to see tearju and sven as well... i wonder what role will he take in tora, yami's foster dad ? couldn't be lol.

+1111 for nice yui shirt. and the tits talk lol.

blogwalker said...

by the way, where i can stream this online?


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