Friday, October 31, 2008

Full force study-mode!!!

good bye my lovely waifu(temporary), for now on... i've seal my latop... no more mamak wireless... huhuhuuu... T_T

Communication Theory 2
badass subject... too many theories need to know, calculation is indeed not to much but last sem exam paper full of tricky question...

Digital System and Microprocessor
remember my C4?... fufufu, no final paper for this subject...

Electrical Engineering Lab 4
also no final paper, just weekly-waste-my-time in the lab...

Head and Fluid
just wtf is mechanical subject doing in my course?... obviously it is the tough subject this semester... luckily it is the last paper and have some 4 days gap...

Japanese Language 2
mehh... easy as a piece of roti canai... just need to memorize all katagana character...

Solid State Device
also an easy subject... just need a little more practice and revision...

Statistic for Engineering
quite challenge subject for me who less knowledge about account-things...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

To Aru Majutsu no Index manganime

[alert: read this manga with open minded or leave it alone... XP]

Set in a city of scientifically advanced superhuman students, but in a world where magic is also real. Toma Kamijo’s right hand, the Imagine Breaker, will negate all magic, psychic, or divine powers, but not his own bad luck. One day he finds a young girl hanging on his balcony railing. She turns out to be a nun from the Church of England, and her mind has been implanted with the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum - all the magical texts the Church has removed from circulation. (MAL)


yet, another manga to facilitate need to be highlight... it arts can be considered as a 5 star for shounen type and its action is noteworthy too,,, so far, just learning the plot alone can makes me headache, in fact that this is novel adaptation... tons of words appear for the deep explanation but getting used for it lately lol...

magician, psychic user, its all looks same to me but somehow, this stories tell it’s different... Touma as a main lead certainly have a special ability akin to Asuna(Mahou Sensei Negima) who can nullify others magic or physic... whatever is, still to early to make some theories since I don’t read the novel... for the manga, 12 chap has been released... the end of the first arc where all about Index’s histories and the beginning of the second arc, Mikoto and her sisters?...

not to forget, the immense lolis impact in this manga will make ye into lolicon for sure... being attract with silver haired nun lolis, Index, sensei with elementary school kid bodies, Komoe and middle school gurl, Mikoto... well, it not all about loli despite it got the awesomeness Kaori indeed XD...

the anime is surely uber grand, the animation is top class by JC Staff who makes Shankukan no Shana where people can tell To Aru Majutsu no Index seem to be SnS clone eventho its hav an own forte...

first encounter

Mikoto railgun

Kaori ftw

seal activated

god-hand-like lol

awesomness of the Barrett M82A1...(credit to Rnb lol)

Mikoto ftw

scene from anime

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Title: CHAOS;HEAD OP Single - F.D.D.
Artist: Itou Kanako


1. F.D.D. (
2. Fly to the sky (
3. F.D.D. off vocal (
4. Fly to the sky off vocal (

nice single indeed by Kanako Itou, Chaos; Head OP song.. released by Nipponsei and thank god torrent doesnt skrew-up when i leeching this stuff unlike the others... enjoy...

p/s: where the hell is Wagaya 2nd ED single... DX

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ashita no Yoichi! manganime

A boy swordsman, Yoichi and his father stays in mountain training for his descent from the mountain. Yoichi comes to the city to lodge and stay with 4 beautiful sisters. A new more severe "training" regiment awaits him.


looking at the arts alone is enuff for me to follow this stories plus the most important element include in this manga is harem... ecchi too... well, its not just ordinary typical harem we’ve seen these day, in fact that Yoichi is a pervert and frequently get beaten by Ibuki due to misunderstanding, samurai chivalry that embed in himself always impress me(at least not a failure) and that is the way he turns enemies into his friend(moar haremu candidates~)... moreover, its got more humor than action...

say about the lucky bastard, Yoichi being surround by 4 sister... the older one, Ibuki as a yandere type, second sister, Ayame(AHHHHH!!!~) is obviously tsundere type, third sister, Chihaya as we can see she is meganeko, and the younger one, loli-ness ftw, Kagome... at least, this one is not like To-Love-Ru, a single arc run on 1 or 2 chap...

it’s not just that, Ashita no Yoichi! is being animated and will be airing in the next winter... surely a good news for haremu fans... Ayame ftw!... i cant wait to see firsthand Haruka in tsundere-mode... \(^O^)/

eyecandy for pervert out there

fighting scene well made too

nice, Ayame is nice... small breast is my type too...


yandere ftw

tsundere ftw

meganeko ftw

loli ftw

Anime version is a MUST!!!

Random curiosity shiet!

dang! i cant believe it... after my battery dead, rushing to my rent house, grab the charger and go back again to mamak stall to resume my download... then, i'm being tricked by some random massages from a friend of mine... Tsukiumi get at mad of me course of that... DX

those massages containing... [alert: don read this if u don wan to...]

1. Tahukah anda apabila 350ml air yang diambil dari sinki dan kemudiannya dituangkan ke dalam cerek yang mengandungi 150ml air suling dan dibiarkan terdedah kepada nyalaan api bersuhu 100 darjah celcius akan menghasilkan satu cecair yang dinamakan air masak.

2. Percayakah anda yang air sirap merupakan salah satu bahan asas dalam pembinaan sebuah helikopter. Ini kerana kajian telah dibuat, seorang pembina helikopter memerlukan air sirap untuk menghilangkan keletihan semasa membuat helikopter, tanpa air sirap mungkin helikopter tersebut tidak dapat disiapkan.

3. Sebuah kereta yang dipandu selaju 220 km/j tidak akan dapat memotong kereta yang dipandu selaju 40 km/j sekiranya kereta-kereta tersebut dipandu dari arah yang bertentangan

4. Tahukah Anda dalam bahasa Inggeris dan Italy , jurugambar dikenali sebagai paparazi. Perkataan itu dipercayai diambil dari watak paparazzo dalam filem La Dolce Vita yang diterbitkan oleh Federico Fellini pada tahun 1960. Dalam bahasa melayu pula, ayah kepada seorang budak yang bernama Razzi juga boleh dikenali dengan nama papa Razzi.

5. Tahukah Anda bendera negara Denmark telah dicipta 700 tahun lampau, menjadikan bendera paling lama digunakan di dunia lebih lama daripada penggunaan susu cap bendera.

6. Tahukah Anda magnet ialah sejenis logam yang juga digelar besi berani. Sebagaimana namanya magnet ialah besi yang berani menarik butir-butir besi lain kearahnya. Bagaimanapun orang yang diupah untuk menarik kereta bukanlah magnet.

7. Tahukah Anda cicak memutuskan ekornya apabila diganggu. Apabila cicak menyedari yang dia diekori oleh sesuatu, ia akan memutuskan ekornya supaya benda itu tidak mengekorinya lagi atas alasan tanpa ekor sudah tentu ia tidak akan diekori lagi.

8. Tahukan anda bahawa seorang manusia normal tidak boleh menyentuh telinganya sendiri menggunakan siku.

9. Tahukah Anda burung dapat pulang ke sarangnya walaupun telah keluar kadangkala hingga beribu kilometer daripada sarangnya tanpa sesat atau silap walaupun tanpa bantuan kompas. Ini kerana setiap sarang burung mempunyai alamatnya yang tersendiri sebenarnya.

10. Tahukah Anda bunyi perkataan lempeng dan tempeleng adalah hampir sama walaupun ia berbeza dari segi rupa bentuknya. Tapi, walaubagaimanapun orang yang kena tempeleng masih boleh memakan lempeng apabila dia berasa lapar.

11. Tahukah Anda gunung berapi yang berusia tiga ratus tahun disahkan masih aktif untuk meletup. Tapi mengikut kajian ahli gunung, api elektrik di rumah kita tidak akan aktif jika tidak membayar bilnya selama tiga bulan.

12. Tahukah Anda orang yang tidak pernah kisah langsung tentang wang ringgit, pangkat, kedudukan dan harta dunia ialah Orang Utan.

13. Tahukah Anda ahli sains seluruh dunia bersepakat jika nasi ayam dimakan sewaktu lapar, perut kita akan mengalami satu tindakbalas yang berupa kekenyangan. Nasi ayam juga boleh digunakan sebagai ubat untuk menggembirakan hati kita bila nasi ayam yang dimakan itu dibelanja oleh kawan kita.

14. Dan tahukah anda bahawa hampir kesemua pembaca buletin ini telah mencuba untuk menyentuh telinga menggunakan siku. :-) hehehehe!!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall-series rawks-on!!!

Kemeko DX

Plot summary:
The story centers on a typical high school boy and a super-deformed, doll-like robot that suddenly appears in his bedroom. The robot declares itself to be the boy's wife, and only then does a beautiful girl emerge out of the robot's mouth. The girl turns out to be someone who was promised the boy's hand in marriage ten year earlier.

What i said:

learning that Haruka Tomatsu involved in this series is enuff for me to watch this show... looking at Emuemu is sufficient to compare her with Lala To-Love-Ru, together with Rie Kugimiya as Misaki it was totally hilarious eventho i don read the manga... well, the animation value wasn't that grand, and Kemeko absolutely sickening my eyes tho Emuemu appearance with Haruka voices fix it... last said, could it be the new epic comedy after Seto no Hanayome? we'll see... also, can see some dango and SZS scene in ep 2 XP... not to forget, extreme OP and ED lol... Emuemu FTW!!!

Hakushaku to Yousei

Plot summary:
Set in 19th century England this is the story of the 17-year old "fairy doctor" Lydia Carlton. Her life gets thrown into confusion after meeting Edgar, the count of the Blue Knights. She agrees to help him search for the precious sword that is his family heirloom.

What i said:

shoujo series is the one i would like to avoid but since Nana Mizuki is here... it cant be helped XD... i dont read the manga for this one too but i find out this plot quite interesting... character design, what can be expect from shoujo adapt but the animation is pretty weak, not so cheerful for some shoujo shows unlike Special A nor Ouran... btw, it promises some adventures and magical stuff like seeing fairy etc plus the setting brings back to European industrial age make it perfect stage for a romance series...

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae

Plot summary:
After Ai Enma's supposed death after the events of the 2nd season, her three helpers, Ichimoku Ren, Wanyuudou and Hone-Onna live out their lives in relative peace. This is suddenly shattered when Kikuri returns to recruit them. Meanwhile, Ai mysteriously reappears from the dead and uses the body of a young schoolgirl, Yuzuki Mikage, to continue the Jigoku Tsūshin operation. Yuzuki is aware of Ai's presence however, when she can see what Ai sees.

What i said:

season 2 leave me with thousand question and after heard about this one... its a must for me and so far after watching till ep-3, i for my honest part quite fond this third season plot... the introduction of new character, Yuzuki, makes the plot flow along with development unlike the past 2 seasons... the ritual becoming Jigoku Shoujo has change too and the torture quite funny for me... new opening and ending songs is nice plus animation is well made tho it is not the best so far...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ga-Rei manganime

[WARNING: may contain spoiler desu~]


The Japanese Ministry of Defense has an anti-paranormal special forces group called the Supernatural Disaster Prevention Office. They are the ones responsible to protect Japanese soil and its people from supernatural and paranormal events. However, things didn't go so well in one of their missions... (ANN)

This series is a prequel to the manga series, Ga-Rei.


While many of us will probably scream at even the thought of a ghost being near us, Freshman Nimura Kensuke just thinks of it as a common everyday thing, seeing as how he has the uncanny ability to see so many of them on a daily basis. Things soon heat up for him when he meets a girl who changes his life from then on. Her name’s Kagura, and she has the power to summon a mighty “spirit devourer”–otherwise known as a “Ga-rei”–called Byakuei. So, what’s Nimura to do? Chase down the evil spirits and and have Kagura summon the Ga-rei to devour them, of course! Now, come feast on their adventures like some ravenous Ga-rei!


Ga-Rei, its not just something like weekly-beat-the-monster chronicle but have some development in its plot... the first arc, manga's conspire start with Kensuke and Kagura encounter each other and the conclusion of Yomi's arc where the whole world get puzzling what the heck is going on in its anime... as i know, interkude in ep 1 and 2 anime series happen after the period when Kagura kills Yomi(manga plot)... and then she is back in the end of ep 1 slaughtering all new faces(where most people thought GRZ is an original anime plot, not hooking at all with manga plot)... and clash with Kagura in ep 2 end with Kagura as the losing side...

though i think all new faces will not be forget just like that as the conclusion i made after watching ep 3... since they make some flashback at time before Kagura joining countermeasures group where all new character in the 1st ep is still alive and soon enuff they'll shows up since Yomi knows Touru well(as we can see in ep 1 flashback)... despite that i'm more prefer manga plot, i admit that this anime is awesome too, full of action and remarkably made...

in fact that only 3 ep has been release till now, i will move on to the manga plot at time after Yomi die... continue by Shizuru's arc... obviously Shizuru step on the stage and claiming Kensuke from Kagura... things is getting interesting when Kagura and Shizuru start a competition on who can collect more sesshouseki and Kensuke as a winning prize(bastart!)... for the information, Kagura and Kensuke works under government secret organization while Shizuru is the next head of originating Jugondou family(mafia) but their purpose still same...

the stories reach the best part when Shizuru's sister launch coup d'état, kill the current head and declare a war with Countermeasures Department... for the latest chap i've read, 23, where Kensuke retrieved his sword and do some training for the counterattacking Jugondou...

Conclusion of the 1st arc

OVA Mai-Otome 0 -S.ifr- Shudaikashuu - Finality blue

Album: OVA Mai-Otome 0 -S.ifr- Shudaikashuu - Finality blue
Artist: Kuribayashi Minami

1. Finality blue (HERE)
2. Heart All Green
3. Koko ni Atta ne
4. Finality blue
5. Heart All Green
6. Koko ni Atta ne (HERE)

ahh... finally, i'm dying waiting for this one... ED song from
Mai-Otome OVA: S.ifr... realize it appear at tokyotosho, grab it without a second thought(0.00 sec lol)... enjoy... at this time, still waiting for ep-3, do want moar Rena!!!~ btw, dont forget to delete it within 24 hours... support the original lol...


side note: who is this two? Yuuhi's sisters?... they're hawt~

p/s: ima searching for moar Yuuhi Katagiri wearing yukata/kimono pic, anyone hav it?...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Miyuki Hashimoto - Hatsukoi Parachute ~Akane iro ni Somaru Saka OP theme~

Album: Miyuki Hashimoto
Artist: Hatsukoi Parachute

01. Hatsukoi Parachute (HERE)

02. sweet sweet time (HERE)

03. Hatsukoi Parachute (off vocal) (HERE)
04. sweet sweet time (off vocal) (HERE)

yeah! OP full version from my fav anime this fall... enjoy... ^^ this time my source not from nipponsei but tokyotosho instead...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kurogane no Linebarrels

Gandum or Linebarrel, i'm more prefer to write about Linebarrel... grab the breast desu~ what so special bout this series?... obviously their super robot lol and also Hisashi Hirai and Gonzo tag-team, i'm not gonna miss that, either this series will sink or sunk... not forget to mention, this series got some big name on the seiyuu list like Mamiko Noto, Rie Kugimiya and Aya Hirano plus OP and ED song rawks~

ok... it start with Kouichi Hayase a loser who always being protected by his childhood friends Yajima and Risako, who get involve in accident crash by Linebarrel it self and die(yeah, unlike manga plot he falls into a coma for half a year)... yes, he die once but then being resurrect and attained a great power, at the same time he become a 'Factor' who can summon a robot-so-called Machina named Linebarrel and Emi Kizaki is needed to compete the ritual(as i said, grab the breast desu~ >///<)...

attained a great power causing Koichi`s life to change from a loser become arrogant... well, obviously he has reason for that... being protected by his admired gurl and those gurl being protected by someone else... anyway, as i can see his arrogant should ends in ep-3 where he being rejected by Emi to piloted Linebarrel... only one line words "you make me sick"(ahh... Mamiko with serious tone lol) is enuff to make him, the an emotional trainwreck feel the hatred all KnL's watcher towards him... besides, those battle in ep-3 is uber! like i'm playing a game lol...

an additional stuff, Risako obviously have a feeling towards Koichi and her act in ep-3 is totally hilarious when comparing herself with Emi... plus i can see soon enuff Kujou(AYA!!!~) will be added into Koichi`s haremu candidates too... that lucky bastart~

Emi is sooo cute desu~



Top villains

Remarkable 3D battle scene

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rozen Maiden - vol 9 summarize

In its continuation, the story starts with an older Jun, who is now a university student. While working at a bookstore as his part time job, he finds an unaddressed copy of the first issue of a weekly magazine "How to Make a Girl" containing a spring. He brings it home, and soon starts receiving further issues of the magazine by post, each issue having one part of a doll's body as a gift. One day, after putting much effort into assembling the fifth Rozen Maiden doll Shinku, he receives a notification that the publication has been canceled, leaving him with an incomplete doll. Suddenly, he receives a mysterious text message from his old number, claiming to be the Jun Sakurada asking for help against the seventh Rozen Maiden doll Kirakisho...


ok, this one obviously a sequel from the current RM... the whole volume 9 i've seen so far and it started with the different "future" Jun who not winding Shinku in the past and know nothing all about RM-dolls stuff and Alice Game event... by the flow of time, he receive a book about "How to Make a Girl" and also bunch of massage from the "past" Jun(who winding Shinku) guiding him(present Jun) to make a doll... past Jun also mention about the 7th doll, Kirakisho who is the real threat where the remaining doll who still in the Alice game being sealed by her... btw, these 2 Juns does not connect each other, which mean they're in different world... present Jun does not pick to 'wind', so he do reject the existence of Rozen Maiden in those world while the past Jun pick to 'wind'...

later after the present Jun face several troublesome dream about doll stuff, Shinku was created... in fact, those body where Jun created is just a temporary container and by helping from hollie(Shinku's Rosa Mystica), she manage to slip out from space so called N-field where Kirakisho sealed the real herself, Suigintou(WAHHH!!!) and Suiseiseki(DESU!!!)... as usual, Shinku behavior towards Jun still unchanged lol... well, things is getting exiting when at the end of chap 46 where Jun receive another similar book and doll's part... but still, Shinku sense a threat from
Kirakisho and forbid him to make a new doll... after that, Suigintou who escape from Kirakisho was arive in those world... XD

still, both Shinku and Suigintou relationship(u know what i mean) gives Jun headache and some cat-dog fight really makes me laugh hard LULZ~... times move and both of em seem cold down but Suigintou still have a grunge toward Shinku... to bad, at the end of vol 9 still no news bout bringing Suiseiseki back... well, there is some more important event something about Jun's new doll(the 8th?!!! or the 1st Jun's doll...) but i didnt read that part clearly coz i'm just marathon and chase my free time... will recap it again later...

fufufu... the existence of this vol 9, i can assume that the 3rd season of RM anime is likely POSSIBLE!!! \(^O^)/... its the matter of time or they(Peach-Pit) need to finish Shugo Chara! series first...

p/s: anyone who already read this p/s, plzz donate me vol 2 & 5... onegaishimasu~

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