Saturday, October 25, 2008

OVA Mai-Otome 0 -S.ifr- Shudaikashuu - Finality blue

Album: OVA Mai-Otome 0 -S.ifr- Shudaikashuu - Finality blue
Artist: Kuribayashi Minami

1. Finality blue (HERE)
2. Heart All Green
3. Koko ni Atta ne
4. Finality blue
5. Heart All Green
6. Koko ni Atta ne (HERE)

ahh... finally, i'm dying waiting for this one... ED song from
Mai-Otome OVA: S.ifr... realize it appear at tokyotosho, grab it without a second thought(0.00 sec lol)... enjoy... at this time, still waiting for ep-3, do want moar Rena!!!~ btw, dont forget to delete it within 24 hours... support the original lol...


side note: who is this two? Yuuhi's sisters?... they're hawt~

p/s: ima searching for moar Yuuhi Katagiri wearing yukata/kimono pic, anyone hav it?...

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