Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OP and ED songs (04)

as a promise, Chaos;Head OP and ED song is here plus Linebarrel ED(this ED song is awesume)... man, i want to give some post about fall anime series but my free time is too narrow... monthly test and project presentation makes me... arghh!!!...

btw, a few days ago... somehow i open some pandora box(.7.z file) and ahhhh!!!~ found something unexpected that will come to me... Chaos;Head spoiler, not so serious but seriously, this series will become one of the best anime 2008... the conclusion is; "dont understimate eroge plot and storyline"... LULZ~

Kanako Ito - F.D.D. (Chaos;Head OP)
Seira Kagami - Super Special (Chaos;Head ED)
Maaya Sakamoto - Ame ga furu (Kurogane no Linebarrels ED)

after this week, i'll done some of my new siggy... helyeah! Chaos;Head fever!

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