Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kurogane no Linebarrels

Gandum or Linebarrel, i'm more prefer to write about Linebarrel... grab the breast desu~ what so special bout this series?... obviously their super robot lol and also Hisashi Hirai and Gonzo tag-team, i'm not gonna miss that, either this series will sink or sunk... not forget to mention, this series got some big name on the seiyuu list like Mamiko Noto, Rie Kugimiya and Aya Hirano plus OP and ED song rawks~

ok... it start with Kouichi Hayase a loser who always being protected by his childhood friends Yajima and Risako, who get involve in accident crash by Linebarrel it self and die(yeah, unlike manga plot he falls into a coma for half a year)... yes, he die once but then being resurrect and attained a great power, at the same time he become a 'Factor' who can summon a robot-so-called Machina named Linebarrel and Emi Kizaki is needed to compete the ritual(as i said, grab the breast desu~ >///<)...

attained a great power causing Koichi`s life to change from a loser become arrogant... well, obviously he has reason for that... being protected by his admired gurl and those gurl being protected by someone else... anyway, as i can see his arrogant should ends in ep-3 where he being rejected by Emi to piloted Linebarrel... only one line words "you make me sick"(ahh... Mamiko with serious tone lol) is enuff to make him, the an emotional trainwreck feel the hatred all KnL's watcher towards him... besides, those battle in ep-3 is uber! like i'm playing a game lol...

an additional stuff, Risako obviously have a feeling towards Koichi and her act in ep-3 is totally hilarious when comparing herself with Emi... plus i can see soon enuff Kujou(AYA!!!~) will be added into Koichi`s haremu candidates too... that lucky bastart~

Emi is sooo cute desu~



Top villains

Remarkable 3D battle scene

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