Saturday, October 4, 2008

When Kugimiya Rie vs Kugimiya Rie...

Its out! yeah, 2 fall series where both female lead VC by Kugimiya Rie, Toradora! and Akane Iro ni Somarusaka... also, in another alternative, it like a competition between light novel(obviously an ordinary novel) vs visual novel(game, PC and PS2)...

First impression about Toradora
I'm just disappointed only with the character design, it looks a little bit off and plain, the color tone somewhat grainy... in fact, i didn’t have any problems with the animation style also not exactly my type but it still works with me plus an impressive voice acting... it can be considered as a decent watchable stuff and for now on, i can fully focus on the plot since i didnt read the novel and wont put a high hope on manga(once a month release... mehh...)... and right now i'm waiting for Ami debut who someone told me she would ends up with Ryuuji but still unconfirmed... :3

First impression about Akane Iro ni Somarusaka
REJOICE! that is the first thing out of my mouth XD... I'm exhilarating! very pleased with this one especially with Rie's voice, not her typical tsundere tone but still can make Yuuhi sooooo cute! together with well named seiyuu, this series is promising for all harem fans... About its animation, well it is more than enough for harem type, still not great as Da Capo II series along with character design, where other than Junichi all of them are good looking guy *chaughshoujochaugh* but who cares... for the plot, its more tempting me(less than Toradora! perhaps) with usual encounter, turns tu be classmate and ends with being fiance(that bastard Junichi)... before ED theme, we can see Nogami and somehow she reminds me Fuuko ToHearts2 XD...

Some pic to be share :3

p/s: Clannad ~after stories~ analysis will comes later along with Chaos;Head and ef - a tales of melodies

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Archi said...

hey, I like how you put your blog.. a nice-simplicity design..

anyway, I love akane iro ni somaru saka.. but, unfortunately, I only watch the anime... I'm not playing the game...

can you give me the game? please?

please contact me in my blog:

thank you after all ^^



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