Sunday, October 5, 2008

My waifu collection

The end of my holiday
*sigh*... today is the last day of my holiday, thats mean no more cable internet(nooouuu!!!) plus monthly test is coming soon too and i will into benkyou-mode, maybe after this, it will took a while for me to updates this blog... well, there is nothing to regret coz yesterday, somehow my sister allow me to borrow her camera Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T70, usually she is cheapskate... well then i'm using it wisely and now, waaalaaaa~ one of my fav collection... fufufu~ :3

the last one obviously is a joke, but dont take it lightly lol... after this, i was thinking to grab Asuka Langley Soryu also in gothic lolita ver. since i cant find either Tsukiumi or Yami figure... T_T ... but somehow i had my eyes on Kanu "Aisha" Unchou figure... fufufu~ i wonder which one should i get first... and also in my do-want-list, Yuuhi Katagiri XD

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