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Ga-Rei manganime

[WARNING: may contain spoiler desu~]


The Japanese Ministry of Defense has an anti-paranormal special forces group called the Supernatural Disaster Prevention Office. They are the ones responsible to protect Japanese soil and its people from supernatural and paranormal events. However, things didn't go so well in one of their missions... (ANN)

This series is a prequel to the manga series, Ga-Rei.


While many of us will probably scream at even the thought of a ghost being near us, Freshman Nimura Kensuke just thinks of it as a common everyday thing, seeing as how he has the uncanny ability to see so many of them on a daily basis. Things soon heat up for him when he meets a girl who changes his life from then on. Her name’s Kagura, and she has the power to summon a mighty “spirit devourer”–otherwise known as a “Ga-rei”–called Byakuei. So, what’s Nimura to do? Chase down the evil spirits and and have Kagura summon the Ga-rei to devour them, of course! Now, come feast on their adventures like some ravenous Ga-rei!


Ga-Rei, its not just something like weekly-beat-the-monster chronicle but have some development in its plot... the first arc, manga's conspire start with Kensuke and Kagura encounter each other and the conclusion of Yomi's arc where the whole world get puzzling what the heck is going on in its anime... as i know, interkude in ep 1 and 2 anime series happen after the period when Kagura kills Yomi(manga plot)... and then she is back in the end of ep 1 slaughtering all new faces(where most people thought GRZ is an original anime plot, not hooking at all with manga plot)... and clash with Kagura in ep 2 end with Kagura as the losing side...

though i think all new faces will not be forget just like that as the conclusion i made after watching ep 3... since they make some flashback at time before Kagura joining countermeasures group where all new character in the 1st ep is still alive and soon enuff they'll shows up since Yomi knows Touru well(as we can see in ep 1 flashback)... despite that i'm more prefer manga plot, i admit that this anime is awesome too, full of action and remarkably made...

in fact that only 3 ep has been release till now, i will move on to the manga plot at time after Yomi die... continue by Shizuru's arc... obviously Shizuru step on the stage and claiming Kensuke from Kagura... things is getting interesting when Kagura and Shizuru start a competition on who can collect more sesshouseki and Kensuke as a winning prize(bastart!)... for the information, Kagura and Kensuke works under government secret organization while Shizuru is the next head of originating Jugondou family(mafia) but their purpose still same...

the stories reach the best part when Shizuru's sister launch coup d'état, kill the current head and declare a war with Countermeasures Department... for the latest chap i've read, 23, where Kensuke retrieved his sword and do some training for the counterattacking Jugondou...

Conclusion of the 1st arc

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