Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index: Closing impression


finished watching this series recently... majority of the episodes, it does impress me with some epic battle scene and amount of lolis leisure activity, not to forget the so-called freaking physics theory mindrape along with magic stuff factor which is could damage my brain when i think about it deeper... the story concept truly wise with Touma become the center of not-co-existed physician and magician while trying hard to gain his own yet awesome harem with the so-called Kamijou's Faction lol... besides, its containing great BGM, both 1st and 2nd OP songs by Mami Kawada rawks and as well the 2nd ED song by IKU... which is the OP song would remind me SnS...

Kamijou's Faction (Styil exclude)


Index Librorum Prohibitorum

the roots of all crisis where cause the magic faction clash with Touma... implanted with the 103000 magical texts which is high possibility be a threat to the world, later on the Necessarius(magic faction) itself left Index in Touma cared... her knowledge about magic reach the zenith level but occasionally assist Touma because they're apart when Touma facing any skirmish and her ability only been shown in the 2nd final episode despite she can only used a bit of her true capability...


Komoe Tsukuyomi

child looks sensei or i'd say the most looking loli i ever seen lol... Komoe-sensei, beside become Touma's teacher, she also one of his acquaintance which is show a high concern toward him... parallel with Index, she is knowledgeable with physics stuff...


Misaka Mikoto

also known as 'Biri-biri' nicknamed by Touma base on her ability... unwantedly involved with lvl 6 project which is Mikoto being a host to produced a mass of her clone called the Sisters... despite being a lvl 5 highest rank of all physician, she easily get beaten by Touma...


Misaka aka No. 10032

expressionless face shown in all times, her ability actually same with Mikoto but not strong as she is... among The Sisters, no. 10032 is the closes one to Touma...


Aisa Himegami

known as a Deep Blood which is the ability to kill the vampire... saves by Touma while being used by alchemist Aureolus... not too clear as Mikoto but still shows a little affection towards Touma...


Kaori Kanzaki aka Salvere000

despite being magician, she used katana and mastered swordsmanship... a former Index guardian and be grateful to Touma for the reason that he be able saving Index before...


Hyouka Kazakiri

preserve and timid gurls... a non-human lifeform which is created by surrounding magnetic field produced by local physicians itself... not to clear about her origin but her level could be the top of all physicians... become Index's friend later and twice being saved by Touma from the golem...

9/10... the highest rates so far for the 24++ episodes category in fall series and i'd say this series more awesome than SnS, looking forward for it's second season which is Necessarius higher ranks taking a move :3

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