Sunday, March 15, 2009

To-Love-Ru: Konjiki no Yami

[ warning: don't mess with her ]


an infamous assassin been hired to kill Rito and ends up staying in earth and become a good friend with Mikan... in her first debut, a sudden commotion since her appearance resemble Eve from Black Cat, even her ability s identical... show an emotionless face at all times and "I hate ecchi person" is her trademark plus her loli figure with bust... ultra adorable especially her blushing mode!!! the recent TLR chapter shows that Rito pull the key-trigger for his another candidates, it's Yami obviously *punch wall*


further than weekly TLR manga which is her showdown is unfixed, her next animated appearance should be in TLR OVA, i'll need a package of blood to resist the temptation of Yami's adult-form XD


and the real purpose for this post is... the upcoming ISL!!! Yami's 1st debut also the sole TLR character in the league, quite disappointing since Yui didnt make it... lets campaign!!! full support for her ;D ... vote-desu

figure that i'm looking for such a long time... huhu

[ BGM: Fukuen Misato - GOLDEN TRANCER ]

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BbL-Kevinus said...

I like how the mangaka transferred some of the characters from Black Cat to TLR... like magical kyoko and definitely Yami :)


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