Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dragonball Evolution


Random + Rant Curiosity

even though that already retune my mindset about Dragonball saga to zero, the nerve to compare this movie with the original one still exist... unfortunate or not i just spend 6 bucks only cause of super wednesday... knowing that majority of the who-already-watched reject it, i'm still desire to see first hand this so-called epic failed product...

quite far, the plot totally ruined... understand they need to shorten the long original storyline, but still, 90 minutes lifetime is totally ridiculous while many more that can be putted in... furthermore, they terminate the original character around Piccolo's arc period especially Krillin and put some unfamiliar faces...

-heroic effort to bring this saga into live-action [+1]
-what an arrogant personality Goku have here [-1]
-Goku with lustful stuff is no-no, he is innocent to begin with [-1]

-i sense no moe in Chichi and Bulma, false picked actress!!! Yamcha too [-1]
-Kame Hame Ha is so busted, it's look like fart... what a low cost CG they've used [-1]

-mess plot, Piccolo being sealed about 2000 years and how can he know Goku's oozaru form despite that he is just 18... [-1]
-thank gawd Goku origin still from outer space and saiyan race hair fix form win for lol [+1]
-Goku with no tail even though he already transform, for gawd sake, animal-form without tail is blasphemy [-1]
-at least Master Roshi's Mafuba is pleasant to see [+1]
-Dragon do appear at the end lol [+1]
-Goku changing from is not in the full moon but eclipse instead... i can tolerate that but while the dragon appear, sky didnt darken and the dragon form is barely seen from the brightness [-1]
-this is action+fighting chronicle, gimme moar action period! final battle grand+epic failed [-1]
-Piccollo's subordinate got more timescreen than him... lolwut! [-1]

10 original score, plus minus should be 5/10... last call and nuff said... i will consider to step on cinema if there is any sequel or will just wait for torrent release :3

[ BGM: Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule ]

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