Thursday, March 19, 2009

International Saimoe League 2009: Aquamarine 2


the second match has begin and there is several showdowns leave me hard time to drop a votes :P

ARENA 02: Katsura Hinagiku [Katagiri Yūhi]

-sory Hinagiku-san, i'd go for Yuuhi this time and maybe ur's next ;D ... both burst size are quite same actually *grins*

ARENA 10: [Konjiki no Yami] Aisaka Taiga

-both of them are new timer and i'm quite aware that Taiga's Tsun-Rie-dere is absolute, more than Louise while less than Nagi... best of luck to Yami-chan~

ARENA 29: [Misaka Mikoto] Sakagami Tomoyo

-dam, i love both tsundere-ness... Mikoto is adorable and Tomoyo is elegant... being alert that Tomoyo might win this match, no she definitely will win... *drop a vote for Mikoto*

ARENA 30: Asahina Mikuru [Sawatari Makoto]

-KyoAni clash! forgive me Mikuru-san, Makoto moe-ness still visualize in my mind despite it has been 3 years since i last saw her while currently i can only imagine Mikuru by the thought of Kyon in Suzumiya Haruhi novel instead...

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