Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fortune Arterial : Akai Yakusoku [Quick Impression]


Anime Production : feel., ZEXCS
Genres : comedy, fantasy, romance, harem
Approval : 4.5/5


The title is not new for me who has been playing its VN for quite time ago and pretty well knowing the mysteries clouding around the characters .. first of all, it just rare for a VN adaptation nowadays to gain high reputation among the watcher apart from KEY’s product which is it’s promising an absolute touching or tearjerking moment .. and thus FA will be treated as a typical VN adaptation which are usually provide a lot of fanservices together with a second class plot .. regardless, FA got interesting plot, it’s the matter of how its anime production gonna visualize it on the screen, well I don’t have a doubt on feel. teamed up with ZEXCS though, maybe because feel. have done a great job on their previous works [ Da Capo series ], and now crossing my fingers and just expecting something grand piece from them ..

So far in the first 2 episodes, I’d say they’re on track, a decent start along with flawless animation, very detailed characters design quite close with VN’s and even I were impressed with it, background are beautifully constructed and feeling is alright .. and more importantly, I’ll give an extra plus point for keeping background music from its VN .. OP, I don’t know what to say but honestly I prefer VN’s more and ofc, the ED will gives you high blood pressure blows out of your nose .. tsundere, kuudere, osananajimi come with set of deredere and happy-go-lucky type, and lastly, one’s harem are not completed without loli .. now it’s a full package, time to gottca em all !!

Kouhei : Are they real ?
Erika : Of course they are !!


carnivorous glares..


rayneholde said...

this sir is NOMNOMNOM. i find it hard to claim any one of the girls since most of them is DO WANT; erika, shiro, kuze, hina-[ what was her name again ? ] :3

shinwa said...

^it's Haruna, Hina is her nick ^^

.. and back off, Erika ish mine >3


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