Sunday, October 24, 2010

Star Driver : Kagayaki no Takuto [Quick Impression]

Anime Production : BONES
Genres : action, mecha
Approval : 4/5


I must say that BONES and their weird mecha design cant be separated, Star Driver is another living proof after their previous work, Heroman [ well, I dropped it ] .. for me, mecha design is not the matter of why I’m watching mecha series but the path if it plot will go, Star Driver might be another hero centric franchise like Heroman [ overatted due to Stan Lee ] however the vibes of both show is completely in a different level ..

from what I’ve seen in the first 3 episodes, I find that the story is very promising, the Cybodies, 4 maidens and their sealed marks, an unknown dark organization, also the secrecy clouding around Takuto and the origin of his power .. nonetheless, the weekly climax moment may be a bit repetitive filled with the battle between the Cybodies, but I tend to like its BGM, Sakana-chan’s song and also the remarkable battle scene afterward especially in episode 3 I need to pinpoint here where the mecha and their fighting scene, its art plus animation style is completely similar to Gainax ‘s TTGL ..

normally BONES animation trademark doesn’t really change much since Eureka 7 including their characters design but this time I’m truly impressed with it .. in addition, the original series made by BONES are always related to a deep characters development [ Xamd ] and I can expecting this will come eventually, no need to mention the obviously hinted romance and mayhaps a triangle love [ ? ] soon ..

It’s a pinch ! - Takuto

inb4 "muh drill will pierce through the heavens"

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