Monday, June 7, 2010

Edelweiss : Revision


Developers : OVERDRIVE
Platforms : Windows
Types : Visual Novel, Dating Sim

it takes me a whole week to finished this visual novel, firstly i picked it out of curiosity and with english translation available, it's not a bad gamble i guess... the story started with a bunch of perverted loser a.k.a. 4 stooges (including main protagonist) who are on the way to unique island- transferring into all girl school- it seems somewhat similar with Green Green, well more or less... first impression they looks like troublesome idiots, however the existence of protagonist's friend essentially made for a pure laugh, seriously entertaining- so i cant say they aren't unnecessary for the sake of comedy, well not until the plot are split up into one of those 5 routes...

the plot is somewhat interesting but it the characters that make this eroge great and hilarious... instead of magic, they're using alchemy element in this series to play crucial roles for plot progression and dramatic event that will makes you totally dumbstruck at the moment and ofc tearjerking- well not actually in par with Key's but still touching...

Haruka, Mizuki, Ran, Natsume and Mei respectively

Haruka’s arc : Haruka never met any boy at her age until Kazushi come across- that made her ignorant about boy stuff including love and sex... for this route it looks fairly simple for innocent couple development until a certain point, incident happened resulting Haruka lost her life [this is so unexpected] and Kazushi desperately into alchemist stuff to revive her-

Haruka... u_u

Mizuki’s arc : Mizuki is obviously tsundere minus the physical assaults who love swimming... her affection towards Kazushi start when he accidentally found her naked at shore- yet he mistaking her as a mermaid... unpleasant incident happen made Mizuki’s leg paralyze for the rest of her life-

Natsume’s arc : there’s a bit twist in Natsume’s arc and i find myself lost at certain point... to make it simple, she consume a philosopher stone on her way to searching for her farther in Eiden island, this eventually make her lost control- to avoid any bad incident shes been sealed but at the same time she created her own clone and stroll around the school thus she and Kazushi met-

Ran’s arc : Ran is overly obsess with money, she will charges you despite you are her boyfriend even having a sex- this sometimes make Kazushi doubting her love for him but she herself admit that she only doing it because it was him [wtf?], unlike the other arc, there's no huge tragedy happened, she just sluting herself around Kazushi and later need to choose between money of Kazushi's life-

Mei’s arc : she is a kind and hot looking teacher in the school, thus make her are perfect in everything- but behind this fact she is a homunculus created 3 years ago replaced the real Mei Ibuki who are died in accident... learning what love is- makes her body initially changing, hence it will ruins herself which is cost her life- i must say Mei's arc are the best storytelling among all 5 routes...

Bad end : this come from avoiding all girls selection- Kazushi become more desperate to losing his virginity and make decision to become a gay [lolwut]... well he's not really turn out to be one after being consults by his teacher, it end for him be a girlfriendless, that all...

overall, this is very fine eroge, with beautiful CG and nice character design despite lack of posing unlike these day, the seiyuu are fitting well too and currently i'm addicted to it's opening song, Ashberry... although i cant really score 10 but 9/10 already fair enough... i think that if you like comedy more this one wont astound you but it will deliver more than enough to keep you reading more...

spotlight more into Rin and Sakura

Addition note : from start to finish of all arc and story progression, i was thinking why in the heck Sakura and Rin didn't have their own arc !? for me, their charming and characteristic somehow greater than the main girls- Sakura happy-go-lucky feature and Rin as a timid girl, this aspect is surely required in any kind of eroge/harem- sure they are only supporting characters but later i found out that their popularity topped the main girls [i'm not alone] and get their justice for the sequel of Edelweiss, Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia (EEF) which are centered around those two- i was in the middle of Ran’s arc when i learn about this, since than i'm restraining myself to completed Edelweiss first b4 EEF...

p/s: and finally i can start EEF with ease ~


rayneholde said...

lolwut gay bad end.

looks / reads pretty interesting to me, ima gonna lurk for this and give it a try. but first, i need to complete all those norn games i recently obtained for the time being :P

shinwa said...

lol no worries, i've take a bit rolls for EEF and it seems to be a direct sequel for Edelweiss bad end- nice move thar-

and ofc take ur time for it :)


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