Tuesday, June 1, 2010

K-ON!! : Insert Song Single


Title: K-ON!! Insert Song Single - Pure Pure Heart
Artist: Ho-Kago Tea Time


01. Pure Pure Heart
02. Sakura ga Oka Joshi Kotogakko Koka [rock ver.]
03. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental)
04. Sakura ga Oka Joshi Kotogakko Koka [rock ver.] (instrumental)
05. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental - guitar1)
06. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental - guitar2)
07. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental - keyboard)
08. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental - bass)
09. Pure Pure Heart (instrumental - drums)


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so it's here, say hello again to Ho-Kago Tea Time... 'Pure Pure Heart' is pure win, and the 2nd track just an ok for me- if i'm not mistaking it's their school theme song... for the time being from what i see, both HTT and GirlDeMo are compete with each other by consecutively releasing their single... profitable indeed concerning both of virtual band comes from most well-liked spring anime :3

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rayneholde said...

huehuehue it's here already ? :333

ITADAKIMAS~U nomnomnom-


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