Sunday, June 6, 2010

Angel Beats! : Insert Song Single 3


Title: Angel Beats! Insert Song Single 3 - Little Braver
Artist: Girls Dead Monster


1. Little Braver
2. Shine Days
3. Answer Song


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i suppose this should be the last GirlDeMo single featuring ‘Little Braver’ plus another 2 new song... idk but put ‘Answer Song’ aside, i think ‘Shine Days’ are much better than ‘Little Braver’... now patiently waiting for Angel Beats! Soundtrack :)

Yui in memories...

it was expected but the lost of Yui surely leave a big impact more than Iwasawa, i was never hate her since her debut, well certain people does maybe because of her overly happy-go-lucky characteristic- to each their own- furthermore i’ve tweet it before Yui and Hinata could make a great couple but to think it would end up that way, a Key way... whichever is, rest in piece Yui... u_u

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SniperRoo said...

I like Little Braver and Answer Song they are really catchy and a good beat.


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