Thursday, June 10, 2010

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia : Revision


Developers : OVERDRIVE
Platforms : Windows
Types : Visual Novel

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia is a direct continuation of Edelweiss's bad / girlfriendless ending but this time only 2 options been offered- no other than Sakura and Rin's path, it can be choose at the beginning... additionally, they keep 'Ashberry' as its OP but this time it was sung by UR@N instead of NANA which is give it more energetic atmosphere and good impression to the series, but most of its bgm remains same as Edelweiss...

Sakura's arc : as the 2nd terms start, Kazushi and Sakura are in a good relationship, however Kazushi didn't really treats Sakura as a candidate to be his romantic partner because of her nature who are into girls and thus give the impression that she are lesbian- this fiction irritates her much eventually challenges him to makes him fall for her- as Sakura tries all she might, showing girly side of her to him, Kazushi denied it sturdily- yet deep inside both of them, love blooms... Sakura's arc is quite simple compared to others, less unrealistic stuff involved, no dramatic event occur and more into ordinary school life love story- but that makes it more interesting among all 7 arcs, more interaction between the two- Sakura is the best!

what can i say- xD

Rin's arc : Just when the 2nd terms is about to start, Rin have a wet dream, her and Kazushi, she wondered why though the reason is clear... later Kazushi being chosen as a class representative, to be more close to him, Rin volunteer herself as a vise class representative... afterward an incident happened makes Kazushi lost his dick [sure, i'm wtf big time with this] but 'it' has been replaced with an unknown talking being named Poko and later been found out by Rin... well what i expect is something more alluring relationship between those 2, yes i got it but Poko existence somewhat make it the ridiculous plot flow ever of all 7 arcs, seriously... imagine how a timid innocent girl like Rin also ranking no.1 the most wanted bride in the school talking to Kazushi's dick all the time... this is so wrong-

need assistance? xP

3rd path : this choice will be unlocked once you have completed both Sakura and Rin's arc... just a short story, it starts with Kazushi, Sakura and Rin looking out for mushroom in the forest- they intend bring it back but later decide to try it first- given that those mushroom are not poisoned, it gives a differ outcome, having delusions but still sane [in my point of view] ... and what i got- FUNKEN AWESOME THREESOME !! as the mushroom's effect fade, Kazushi confess his feeling and they going out together, yes Kazushi-Sakura-Rin, no clash, harem ending- Kazushi you lucky bastard !!

nice suggestion thar Sakura-

fact that Sakura and Rin topped Edelweiss's original heroin resulting this sequel, and what funny is- Haruka are totally been ignored and left behind by Kazushi in Rin's story but her ignorance still exist... btw there's also a quite frightening scene in Sakura's story that will make you goosebumps... the 3+1 stooges are still the same like usual... overall, ofc i'm very pleased with this sequel- Sakura's arc are finest and the best, Rin's arc might be out of track a bit but the 3rd ending filled that hole completely :D

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