Sunday, May 30, 2010

Galaxy Angel : 1st Game Revision


Developers : BROCCOLI
Platforms : Windows, PlayStation 2
Types : Dating Sim, Strategy Game

start playing this so-called galge last week, i said to myself how can i missed this one despite its translation patch has been released at the end of last year... anyway, i expect everyone know about this infamous Galaxy Angel franchise- well unlike the other adaptation series, Galaxy Angel tv series come first before galge version released and ofc it cant run from the alternate universe for both story... noticeably Takuto Meyers, he didnt make his appearance in tv series thus revised it genre, no romance and harem(duhh)... no wonder many people said the game version are better that tv series...

ok then about its plot, i must say it's quite simple and typical but interesting in certain point, the main character, Takuto being picked out of nowhere to lead a so-called special imperial force a.k.a Moon Angel Troupe to guarding the last royal blood from coup d'état forces... characters intercourse also isnt too complex and no triangle love involved, i think this is reason why the 6th Angel Chitose being added in GA sequel Moonlit Lovers, more drama and difficulties in their relationship... Milfeulle's route just decent, Ranpha's route are the best for me, Mint's route quite interesting too, Forte and Vanilla's route just ok- actually i expecting more from Vanilla's but... oh well...

The Death Star

lovey-dovey meter ♥

for its gameplay, just a usual basic multiple choices but its important to look up at all Angels to raising the love meter(Whale Report) since this also raising their fighters firepower... for space battles, not too hard actually depend on your skill and tactical plans... well at first i'm also not too used to it, just commanding all Angels charging and then observes it receiving damages... well actually can made them evades enemy missiles with ease if command them effectively but regarding the Angel's fighter are GOD LIKE especially their special power is one-hit-KO, there's no need to focus on them BUT, their battleship, Elle Ciel are freaking weak and freaking slow and always being targeted! this the only aspect were made me headdesking... overall, i'm amused with it despite the graphic isnt top notch like these day, from what i see they made an improvement in sequel...

now i'm quite eager to play the sequel, Moonlit Lovers but translation patch wont come anytime soon plus AGTH didnt work well with it... cant do anything about it but i expect Moonlit Lovers are more creative after watching Chitose's 1st stage fight sequences + more daring scene from Milfeulle, Ranpha and Vanilla xD

p/s: i once mistaken Ranpha as Asuka long ago xP

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Hey, you know not where I can download galaxy angel game? I wish I was ..! :O


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