Sunday, May 23, 2010

Angel Beats! : OP & ED Single


Title: Angel Beats! OP ED Single - My Soul, Your Beats / Brave Song
Artist: Lia / Aoi Tada


1. My Soul, Your Beats!
2. Brave Song
3. My Soul, Your Beats! (TV Size)
4. Brave Song (TV Size)
5. My Soul, Your Beats! (instrumental)
6. Brave Song (instrumental)


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it has been awhile i'm waiting for this, quite complete set thar- a full version, tv size and off vocal version... for 'My Soul, Your Beats!' all i can say it's typical Lia + Key song... along with a peaceful ED song, 'Brave Song', i just cant get enough of this... now only need to wait Angel Beats! soundtrack though i'd love to see if they're gonna release characters song also-


rayneholde said...

sorry for this but you should give proper respect to the label / artist by not posting this up yet.

i was about to do the same earlier but somehow decided not to, and thus i shall wait until the single has been properly released v.v

once again pardon me for this comment here. was just dropping my concern in regard of the matter^^

Shard said...

Aw, the rock version isn't included? That sucks, but it's still a great single.

And I think proper respect to the label / artist would be more along the lines of not posting it at all...

rayneholde said...

^you got me sir xP

anyway, feel free to ignore my earlier comment, though i still think it is best not to leak things yet unless they're already on sale in stores :3

shinwa said...

noted... btw hime-sir u might not noticed that i've done this b4 posting some leak stuff, well i wont deny that i'm on the bad side here, it's just internet...

yeah i forgot about rock version, i suppose they're gonna release another single or mayhap include it in soundtrack album...

rayneholde said...

lol nvm my earlier comment :3

btw my guess is that the rock version will be included in the upcoming ost. i remember some other anime did it this way before.


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