Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mayoi Neko Overrun! : Chapter 5


aright, it's the latest chapter of Mayoi Neko Overrun! since i havent done any manga review since To-Love-Ru end, this is a good re-start... really tempting one, as expected from Yabuki-sensei awesomely adorable art especially for this chapter which is full of eyecandy, the swimsuits spree !!


moeoverload warning !! i... just... can't... resist... this... /dies...

tsun-alert !! oh you~

SNAPPED !! something like this is bound to happen eventually- *heavynosebleedz*

NOOOOOUUUUUUuuu!!!111oneoneone ~

aright, Takumi just won a ticket to hell, you lucky bastart !!

planing something behind this freeeking-awesomely-cute-innocent-smile ?! xD

okey dokey, your turns will come sooner or later and i'm very looking forward to it ;3

unlike MNO! anime in episode 4, this time Chise inviting all of her club member of 'Stray Cats Association' to her private beach... well Otome and Kanae technically is not a member but maybe they are automatically become one since the operation 'find the kitty owner' in last chapter... well it's obvious that Chise real intention's to spend the rest of summer break with Takumi, Fumino reaction is typically 'ah as expected' and for Nozomi, deadpan like always and yet actively bold towards him... afterward, Kaho joining in- it's hard to tell what actually in her head, well not really a big deal at the moment... to fast forward, Ieyasu get drowning and Takumi saves him but he get drowning instead and Nozomi come saves the day, and also ALMOST CPR'd him *sigh relief*... alright, while they're all arguing to rape his first kiss- Kaho take a step ahead ! [FFFFFF-] aside for Fumino and Chise, i'd love to see Nozomi's out of her character reaction, jealousy, mad or mayhaps dishearten... but maybe it's not the time yet to see all of that... may this is the reason why i like her as why Yami is my first choice b4 ;3 ... to see Kanae truly enjoying this, i cant wait for her flag being triggered too lol~

overall, i must say this is really an enjoying chapter, despite it's sub-plot or maybe there's no storyline to begin with- when it comes about Yabuki-sensei's art all those trivial matters will be ignored, deja vu indeed...


rayneholde said...

OH GOD, NOZOMI~ *dies from moeverload*

shinwa said...

^gb2 Fumino >3


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