Thursday, April 22, 2010

Angel Beats! : Insert Song Single


Title: Angel Beats! Insert Song Single - Crow Song
Artist: Girls Dead Monster


1. Crow Song
2. Alchemy
3. My Song


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cool they released Angel Beats insert song this early, fair enough it's to reminisces Iwasawa thus aren't make her showdown again after this- though i'm not into "My Song", "Crow Song" is awesome and "Alchemy" is great as well... now i'm looking forward to Yui to become Girls Dead Monster regulars and probably the main singer soon, i'm fine with Kitamura Eri's song, she's doing great in Seto no Hanayome and ChäoS;HEAd characters song and Yui definitely a promising one ;3


rayneholde said...

she will be missed ;___________;

hongthaocoltd said...

thanks a lot


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