Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kure-nai : OVA PV


official site: jumpsq.shueisha.co.jp/contents/kurenai-dvd


the official site just launched the PV for Kurenai OVA or OAD to be exact, i must say it gives me wonderful feeling especially the characters design are exactly like its manga- tbh i'm not fond enough with Kurenai TV series b4, the atmosphere seems gloomy unlike its manga which is superior than the anime in terms of plot explanation and story progress, thanks heaven this OVA will filled that hole hopefully plus Kirihiko debut [FFFFFF- YAY] and obviously they're hinting about Akuu Company from her ;D

well instead of OVA, like usual i'm more prefer TV series- but when thinking that its light novel and manga still ongoing, it probably will ruin the ending with filler thus will generate my disgust on it... same anime production as Durarara / Denpateki na Kanojo- i wont complain more :P

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