Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sora no Otoshimono : Astraea Impact !!


official site:

2nd season screencaps i suppose and what can i say from that- Astraea a.k.a. Delta is totally kickass !! it's unsurprisingly for her to get the whole limelight by looking at her quality xD ... with Kaori Fukuhara as her voice cast, i cant imagine myself for Tsukasa(LS)'s saying "baka~ baka~ baka~" lol

AIC, u are not disappointing meh


HafisUN said...

dh kuar ker anime nyer??

rayneholde said...

i approve of this, and damn really can't wait for the 2nd season :3

shinwa said...

no not yet, even the broadcasting date have yet to be revealed... pic been taken from the SoraOto official site actually...

yeah, at least we need a PV now !!

HafisUN said...

it got an OVA before the 2nd season aka Ep14 ^^


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