Saturday, February 14, 2009


i've upload the picture before but get deleted, damn photobucket... gimme a break... well, here is the real bargain, nsfw To-Love-Ru Valentine Special with non-smoke(i hate Valentine but i love TLR XD) click desu~

i quite aware what Valentine is but who care? i dont since i've moderately knowledge 'bout it and it's history which is somehow got a various spin-off lawl... still, great number of my waifu already prepare themselves for me... cant be helped ehh, kami's profession surely tough ;D ... in other note, no Valentine stuffy in my haremism dictionary...

[BGM: Miyuki Hashimoto - Time]


rayneholde said...

i celebrate mine with moe wallpaper changed every 15 minutes lol

aah who care about valentine when you can have it like everyday in eroge lol

Shinwa said...

aye! lol


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